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quality leads

Demonstrate marketing value by generating quality leads through gamification.

Find new marketable contacts at a lower cost and turn idle prospects into engaged leads for your sales teams.

Build your own game campaigns

Build as many branded games and campaigns as you need, when you need them, without the need for agency or development resources.

We’ve been using the LeadFamly platform for over a year, and it’s greatly helped with our CRM (customer relationship management). It’s an easy-to-use platform, and we can see that the more our customers win vouchers and pick them up, the more often they visit a Coop store. This is great for us.

We recommend the LeadFamly platform for companies that want control over how often and how they engage their customer base.

Stine Hein
Head of Coop Loyalty Programs,
CRM & Marketing

We needed a platform that we could customize to our brand’s needs. With the help of LeadFamly, we made a game in association with the recent Danish election. The platform is cost efficient, effective, and easy-to-use.

Frederik Qvitzau
Digital & Social Media Brand Manager
McDonald’s Denmark

We can build campaigns ourselves, and the LeadFamly platform is so easy to use. We are so happy with the success of our campaigns. Because of how well they’ve performed, we will now make a lot more game campaigns for this year’s marketing strategy that we originally planned.

The LeadFamly platform is for companies that want to gather new leads, delight current customers, and entice customers to spend valuable time interacting with your brand.

Katja Franch Vinding
Digital Marketing Coordinator
Ball Group

The LeadFamly platform allows Viking Line to engage our audience in an interactive and fun way. Our audience interacts with our brand for a longer period of time (on average, over 1 minute) than traditional marketing.

The games are easy to build up and manage and we have also noticed that our customers enjoy when they can interact with us someway and they are eager to play the games.

Aija Haimola
Marketing Specialist
Viking Line Abp (FI)

At Becksöndergaard, we use data to make decisions. 
The LeadFamly platform allows us to create game campaigns and provides us with analytics. We use these analytics to tell us what's working and what we can improve on. Game campaigns have helped us lower our 
CPL (cost-per-lead) from social media leads while improving our lead generation efforts.

The LeadFamly platform is for companies that want control over creating games as well as the data captured from these games. Lastly, we are fun fashion brand, and we can create games that reflect that.

Kristian Kromphardt Østergaard
International e-Commerce Manager

Grow brand engagement

Turn idle followers into engaged micro-influencers and generate more brand impressions on social channels.


Online game campaigns let you turn app and website visitors into in-store shoppers.

lifetime value

Gamifying your marketing efforts can strengthen customer loyalty, as you give them reasons to keep coming back.

Boost employee

Engage employees and improve learning retention by gamifying your training and certification programs.

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