What is Lead:famly?

Lead:famly is a market leading cloud-based gamification platform that empowers marketing professionals to easily capture more quality leads as well as activate and engage target audiences and to collect valuable user data.


Pick your prefered game concept and build the campaign yourself


Define where the collected data and permission should be send to and connect to your own databases through the integration interface


Launch your responsive campaign on all devices and run it on facebook, your own website or a subdomain


Your target audience will engage with your brand and provide you with permissions and qualify your data

Great companies creates
great results with Lead:famly

Are you next in line? Lead:famly has a strong fit for any industry. Dive in to how we create value in your industry

The battles for winning
customer interactions are on!

Your customers are bombarded with impressions everywhere. It is crucial for your future success that you can react rapidly and precise when doing marketing. That is why we have build Lead:famly. We will give you the best conditions to connect with your target groups. You can build effective campaigns on your own in Lead:famly - without the need for tech skills. Together with our clients, we use gamification as the driver to connect with thousands of people every day.

With Lead:famly you can use gamification to:

No worries!

We will take care of all the tricky stuff. We have created Lead:famly on modern concept, so that you can focus solely on making exellent and targeted campaigns. Through our ready-to-use gamification concepts, we help you to drive more traffic to your sales channels, qualify key customer data and boost the loyalty and lifetime value.

We guarentee you always to stay on top - then you can stay on top on the client interactions.

Christmas calendar

The campaign gave ILVA a big increase in traffic to the website and gave them more than 200,000 entries in the competition.

220.000 registrations

Anniversary Campaign

During T. Hansens 25th anniversary, we launched a scratch competition where the winner could redeem his voucher in your local T. Hansen store.

98.000 registrations

Birthday Campaign

Idemøbler could over the 4 weeks presenting different Weekly Deals based on Leadfamlys software

40.000 registrations