What do we offer?

At Leadfamly we are specialized in solutions for online marketing. We will help you to engage your customers, based on your needs, by the use of gamification in the form of online game campaigns. One of our most frequently used campaigns is the online advent calendar, which, for many years has been used by companies for lead generation and engagement of their target audiences. In addition, we offer many other online game campaigns such as quiz, memory, scratch card etc. Leadfamly is a unique and user friendly tool for activation, as well as lead generation of existing or potential customers. Besides this, Leadfamly can be used for engaging or educating employees internally in the company.

Gamification – The road to online engagement

What is gamification and how does Leadfamly help you exploit the advantages?

As a starting point gamification is about engaging your audience through the use of game elements.

Leadfamly offers your company the opportunity to design a game solution that is adapted to your specific needs. Whether your needs concern awareness, loyalty initiatives, education/support or similar, Leadfamly gives you the framework for a solution.

In addition to engaging your audience boozt:it creates lead generation, which your company can use for an expansion of the customer database and encourage signing up for newsletters.