Lead:famly is for businesses that want to do something memorable.

If you want to strengthen your customers' loyalty and increase their lifetime value, then give them an opportunity to engage with your brand in a meaningful way.

At Lead:famly, we specialize in online marketing solutions. We've developed a platform to help you activate your target groups using online game campaigns that you can build and customize yourself.

Lead:famly is a unique and user-friendly tool that anyone can use. One of our most popular campaigns is the online advent calendar, used year-round to generate leads and engage target audiences, and we have many other game concepts to choose from, including quizes, memory games, scratch cards, and more. Our platform is employed by businesses like Arla, HBO Nordic, Danfoss, Grundfos, Sydbank, and more. Want to see who else uses Lead:famly? Click here.

In addition to B2B and B2C applications, our platform can be used internally to engage or educate your employees. Lead:famly is a platform with unlimited opportunities. If you want to see examples of what our clients have created, click here.

Gamification: the path to meaningful online engagement

What is gamification and how does Lead:famly help you enjoy the benefits of it?

Gamification is a tool for engaging your audience through the use of game elements. Lead:famly gives your company the ability to design game solutions that are adapted to your specific needs. Whatever your challenge, be it awareness, loyalty, education, or something else, Lead:famly provides you with the framework for a solution.

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