Terms and Conditions

1. Demands

The terms and conditions are accepted when entering your billing information.

For questions regarding the terms and conditions below please contact us at contact@leadfamly.com

2. Agreement

By entering into an agreement with LeadFamly about the use of SAAS software the client accepts the terms and conditions of this agreement. LeadFamly provides the customer a non-exclusive, non-transferable and limited right to use this software.

3. Subscription

When creating a user, all information, indicated as mandatory must be filled out. The e-mail address for the users must be valid. These informations will only be accessible for the supplier thus not be disclosed to any other party. (For further information about data security see section 10)

In order to verify user information the supplier may at any time require the customer to identify themselves. The supplier can partially or completely block the access to LeadFamly until the customer confirms the identification.

4. Rights

The subscription and any other types of registrations through the LeadFamly.com website assign rights to the LeadFamly platform and will not be used for data processing by others. Furthermore, LeadFamly have the right to apply the information for Further dialogue through newsletters, e-mails and other types of communication channels.

5. Duration and billing 

The duration of the subscription starts after the order is confirmed, and continues for the determined period. The agreement is valid as long as the customer has an account that allows access to the software. If the expiration date is not exceeded, the customer has full access and can see past data. If the expiration date is exceeded, the customer has access only to past campaigns and can not create new ones.

The subscription is billed in advance.

6. Price and payment terms

All prices are determined in Danish kroner (DKK) and is exclusive VAT. Changes in exchange rates implies that LeadFamly can adjust prices whereby LeadFamlys situation remain unchanged.

Admission is free to LeadFamly publisher. You can create all the games you want and only pay for them when they should be published. If you buy a yearly license you will be billed in advance for the 12 months.

It is also possible to purchase access to individual games via credits. Your credits will never expire, so you can always use them in the future.

7. Credit Card Payment

The customer has the possibility to use the following credit cards: Dankort, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, JCB and American Express.

8. No refund or cancellation

The service is not subject to the statutory 14 days cancellation period, since the delivery is done digitally, and the service thus being delivered at the time of payment.

9. Termination

You can cancel your subscription at LeadFamly via your account. Cancellation must be made no later than the day before a new subscription period begins.

10. Data security

With regard to operating the LeadFamly platform the supplier guarantees high data security for the customer.

The supplier has professional secrecy and are not entitled to disclose customer’s personal information to third parties unless the customer themselves agrees to this.

The supplier has made all the necessary technical and organizational security measures to protect customer data against disclosure, misuse or otherwise be contrary to the law on administration of personal data.

11. Browser support

LeadFamly support the following browsers:
Microsoft Internet Explorer 10.0 og 11.0
Mozilla Firefox *
Google Chrome *
Microsoft Edge *
Apple Safari * (Mac and iPad)

You should be aware that the games may not work properly if you use other browsers or install add-ons to your browser.

In relation to mobile devices only applies latest generation smartphones, and we optimize only for standard browsers on mobile platforms. This means browsers installed on the device when purchased.

* LeadFamly always supports the latest version of Firefox, Chrome,Edge and Safari.

12. Privacy

Upon termination of the subscription, the customer is allowed, within the subscription period, to export all necessary personal data from LeadFamly.

The supplier has no right to retain customer data after the subscription expires.

13. Operational Stability

The supplier strives to offer the highest operational stability, but is not responsible for any interruptions caused by factors beyond the supplier’s control. This includes power failure, server-errors and the like.

In case of failure, the supplier will attempt to re-establish normal operations as fast as possible.

14. Software updates

In order to offer the best possible service it is necessary to expand or replace equipment and to continuously perform software updates.

For this reason it may be necessary to block access to LeadFamly for a short period. Should this be necessary, the customer will be informed before these updates begin.

The supplier has the right to make changes, including updates and improvements of our webpage and software respectively.

15. Property Rights

All intellectual property rights with regard to LeadFamly belongs to the supplier. All individually produced software also belongs to the supplier, unless otherwise agreed separately in writing.

The customer has no right to make use of individually produced software to the customer’s own internal business purposes. Further more, the customer has no right to provide sublicense or licensing services to others.

Only the supplier is entitled to transfer the rights, that follows these terms and conditions.

16. Obligation

The supplier is responsible for operating all their own services, but are not accountable for errors, delays or the like provided that it is fully or partially due to:

– The customer’s violation of the parties’ agreement and/or the terms and conditions.
– The customer’s use of the service in other ways than intended or agreed upon.
– Computer viruses, hacking, trojans, spyware or similar.
– Unintended events where the customer bears the risk.
– Losses covered by insurance taken out by the customer or which are beneficial to the customer.

The suppliers total liability, including compensation and punishment, are limited to the customer’s direct losses and can never exceed 50% of the total cost of the services.

The customer can not claim compensation for indirect or consequential damages, including loss of profits, loss of data or loss when updating the data.

17. Force Majeure

Neither the client nor the supplier is liable for any delay or failure to perform obligations caused by force majeure, except payment of fee’s.

In case of force majeure, the party concerned shall immediately notify the other party of the force majeure situation.

18. References

The supplier reserves the right to use the customer as a reference for marketing, sales material and inquiries. Hereby the customer allows for the supplier to use company name and logo of the customer.

19. Legislation

The applicable terms and conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with Danish law.

Any disagreement between the customer and the supplier must be solved together with the respective CEO’s. If the CEO’s of the respective parties can not resolve the disagreement, it must instead be taken to court.

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