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Kasper Bengtson

How to create better LeadFamly campaigns using the Facebook Pixel

It is my experience that most advertisers choose Website Traffic as the objective of their Facebook campaigns, when advertising for games created in LeadFamly.

While optimizing for website traffic is not bad practice, it is certainly not best practice. Instead, you should choose Website Conversions as your campaign objective and let Facebook target those, who are most likely to become actual leads.

Why should you run an online christmas calendar over Christmas?

Julia Bleken Østergaard

Advantages of running an online Christmas calendar

A digital Christmas calendar is one of the marketing activities, that helps create the highest level of engagement from your audience, whether it concerns customers employees and/or sponsors. An online Christmas calendar generates joy and excitement in the month of December and can be a really good way to, not just generate new leads or strengthen the relation to your audience, byt also to promote your products or services without your audience feeling overwhelmed by unwanted commercials.

Dynamic content in your game campaign

Julia Bleken Østergaard

Create content that automatically adapts to your marketing needs at different times and to different audiences

Now you can make dynamic content in your game campaign so that your content can be adapted to your audience or be shown in different time intervals. Let's say you own a chain of shops and want to promote the different shops. When the user registres you ask them to provide you with their zip-code and the dynamic content will do so the user is shown the address of the store that is closest to them.

Avoid stressing over prizes

Julia Bleken Østergaard

Lean back and let the daily prizes be sent out to your users automatically

Do you find it a bit unmanageable to have to find 24 different prizes to your online Christmas campaign, not to mention having to send them out to the winners?

Why do we share on social media?

Julia Bleken Østergaard

Understand why your audiences share on social medias and find out how your company can use this knowledge to create more sharable content.

Have you ever wondered what it is, that makes us share on Facebook, Linkedin and other types of social media?

A couple of years ago New York Times made a study which, to this date, is one of the most informative when it comes to what drives us on social media http://nytmarketing.whsites.net/mediakit/pos/. The study found that there are five main factors that play a role when sharing content on social media. 

Insert your game as an iframe and optimize the visitor duration on your webpage

Julia Bleken Østergaard

Improve your SEO with a Leadfamly campaign

One of the ways of improving your search engine rankings is making your users stay for a longer period of time and interact with your webpage. Therefore, Leadfamly has made it possible for your campaign to be integrated directly into your webpage. Thus, when the users play the campaign they do it directly on your webpage, which generates more traffic and improves your SEO.

Personality test

Julia Bleken Østergaard

Find out which type you are

Now you can create an entirely new type of game at Leadfamly. The game is an online personality test, where the user answers different questions in order to find out which type he or she is. 

Random questions

Julia Bleken Østergaard

Have your quiz questions shown in a random order

At Leadfamly we have now made a feature in our system, which enables you to choose, whether you want the questions in your quiz shown in a random order.

Every time the user participates in your quiz they will, thus, be presented to the questions in a different order. This means that the user will be more challenged while, at the same time, get some variety when playing. This can help make the game more interesting when playing more than once.