The 3 C’s are the key to success for your gaming campaign

Ida Stærkjær Nielsen

When you design a gaming campaign, it's important to keep these three key concepts in mind. 



Make it fun!

If your gaming campaign is going to be successful, then it’s important to develop something that people actually want to play. Depending on which target group you want to activate, it’s important that you match the game to their interests and level of engagement. In order to to do that, you need to understand your target group. What motivates them? Do they want to take a 60-question-long quiz about their favorite TV series? Would they geek-out playing a memory game where they had to identify and match different heat pumps? Are they motivated by the chance to win a high-value prize or are they just looking for a fun challenge? Consider how you can make your campaign fun and capture the attention of your specific target groups.



Make it hard!

If the game is too simple, it can be a let-down or make the participants feel their intelligence has been insulted - hardly inspiring. You shouldn’t be worried that your game will be so hard that people don’t want to play along. In our experience, participants appreciate a good challenge. A challenging game is more engaging, and hard-earned success tastes all the sweeter.



Your game should be difficult, but not complicated!

It’s important to make it easy to get started with the game without having to spend time getting oriented or reading instructions. If your participants can’t quickly and easily figure out what the game is about, then they’ll lose interest and move on to something else. Your participants are here to be entertained and to engage with your brand - so make it easy for them.


The 3 C's, Captivating, Challenging, and Clear, are the pillars of success when designing a gaming campaign. Contact us to learn more about how you can build effective and engaging gaming campaigns for your target groups.