Case of the Month: The Danish Cancer Society’s “Myth Quiz”

Mads Ejsing

The case of the month: Myth Quiz from The Danish Cancer Society

The Danish Cancer Society puts myths to the test with a clever quiz. In September, The Danish Cancer Society created their first campaign with the Lead:famly platform. The goal was to circulate several key messages among the campaign’s target group and in that way combat some myths about cancer. The approach led to a campaign with a big effect.

The Danish Cancer Society is an organization that is fighting on a number of different fronts, one of which became the focus of the campaign. A quiz made with the Lead:famly platform was both the campaign’s activation element and a way to distribute the message. The organization focused on a broad range of myths about cancer and its causes. The Danish Cancer Society has ongoing communication initiatives aimed at dispelling these myths, and they wanted to see to what extent they could be addressed and challenged in a single campaign.

This led the organization to develop a quiz that allowed users to respond to a variety of different myths, clearly the best option for this scenario. Mads Ejsing from Lead:famly elaborates:


A lot of our customers are interested in creating more awareness about their company. It can be hard to inspire visitors to read a lot of text about a specific subject. In those cases, a quiz can be a strong driver of content activation. 

Mads Ejsing, Senior Client Manager.


The campaign ran for two weeks and generated a lot of engagement, both with regards to the degree of participation and the amount of time individual participants spent interacting with the campaign. The Danish Cancer Society directed traffic to the quiz with Facebook announcements that were short and sweet and to the point. This resulted in more than 20,000 visits to the campaign, of which half finished the quiz and registered their participation. In addition, each visitor spent over minutes on the campaign. With their Myth Quiz, The Danish Cancer Society found an engaging and accessible way to get their target group to relate to misinformation about cancer.

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The campaign in details

Do you believe that stress causes cancer? This was one of the questions in the online quiz from The Danish Cancer Society. After a user answered a question, there was an intermediate step that offered additional supplementary material related to the given question. Then came the answer, which either confirmed or denied the myth. After four questions, the participant could choose to register for a chance to take part in a smaller contest, after which they were given information about how many questions they had answered correctly.

The campaign was made by The Danish Cancer Society using the Lead:famly platform. The organization was able to combine the quiz with an element that allowed them to educate participants and deepen their understanding of cancer and the myths associated with it.


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