Dynamic content in your game campaign

Julia Bleken Østergaard

Create content that automatically adapts to your marketing needs at different times and to different audiences

Now you can make dynamic content in your game campaign so that your content can be adapted to your audience or be shown in different time intervals. Let's say you own a chain of shops and want to promote the different shops. When the user registres you ask them to provide you with their zip-code and the dynamic content will do so the user is shown the address of the store that is closest to them.

Another example is i you work at a traveling agency and make our personality test campaign, where people find out which "type of traveler" they are. The beach traveler would be shown a promotion of a trip to Crete, the adventurer could be shown a trip to Machu Picchu and the city traveler could be shown an offer on a trip to Rome.

However, the sky is the limit when it comes to adapting your content to your audience or to specific offers on different days, so contact us if you want to know more. 

Christmas calendar

If your Christmas calendar is set up as a part of a landing page it provides you with a good opportunity to create a visual expression and promote your products or services.

In the online Christmas calendar you can even design unique content for each day, so that the content shown will always be relevant. If you for example get the prizes, in the Christmas calendar, sponsored you can design the landing page so that different promotions, for the different companies, pop up on the days where their prizes can be won.

You can also choose to set in your own prizes and design the landing page so that a new promotion of your product pops up every day depending on what prize is being given away. Thereby, you can get the opportunity to show and promote several of your products in a time where the season for giving gifts is going at full speed, and thereby create larger sales numbers and profit.

Would you like to know more about the online Christmas calendar? Call us at +45 8993 7558 and get an informal talk about how we can set up a campaign exactly as you want it. You can also write an email to contact@booztit.com.

Exploit the online Christmas calendar and get more leads, larger sales numbers and better online marketing in the month of December.