The importance of ease of use in your gamification campaign

Julia Bleken Østergaard

Why is ease of use important, and how can your company benefit?

You may have tried to create a gamification campaign for your business yourself, for example with a Facebook campaign or similar, where your audience can get some discounts by participating or sharing with their network. If you have tried this, you may also be aware that these campaigns can create problems in relation to overload of the website and slow loading time.

As Leadfamly has extensive experience in gamification campaigns, you can, by making use of our service, avoid these problems. With a Leadfamly gamification campaign your users get a super easy and user-friendly gaming experience that will not affect the performance of your website, social media, etc.

But why is it so important with ease of use in your gamification campaign?

1. Users should be able to achieve their goals.

If users playing your game campaign, get interrupted in the middle of the game, or for one or the other reason can not complete the game, or receive the reward they get from participating in your campaign, there will be problems in relation to user experience of the game, which will ultimately reflect back on your business.

2. Get more leads.

The more user-friendly it is for your users to play your game, the more leads you will be able to get. With a Leadfamly gamification campaign, you can choose whether players have to register before or after they play the game. This means that you can choose the level of difficulty in your game without sacrificing your lead generation. A user-friendly experience will make more players prticiåate in your campaign, which will then result in more leads.

3. Improve your brand image.

We have all seen and heard the horror stories; Customers are not able to come to the site and get their prize, and a shit storm hits the responsible company. Poor ease of use can have a bad influence on your brand image, but opposite a good user experience can have a good influence as users associate your business with a good and interesting game experience.

4. Get satisfied users.

There are many benefits for your business by having satisfied customers. A good user experience with your campaign will mean that users will enjoy their interactions with your company. Thus, there is a greater likelihood that they tell their network about their experience and encourage others to join the campaign. Thereby a user friendly gamification campaign will help the campaign to become larger and larger in an upward spiral, which in the end will create greater exposure of your business and generate more leads.