Revolutionize your online marketing with gamification

Julia Bleken Østergaard

How does gamification lead to success in online marketing?

Gamification is one of the most exciting emerging strategies in the world of digital marketing. But how can your company use gamification to revolutionize your digital marketing?

Gamification is a great tool when it comes to building engagement and motivation. With a game campaign, you can ignite your audience's competitive instinct, thus creating greater engagement with your brand. Moreover, a game campaign can make otherwise tedious tasks exciting.

Perhaps you want specific information from your audience. Why not make a game out of it? That way, you can entertain your customers while at the same time getting them to give you important information that you can use in your marketing. You may simply want to generate more leads for your business, such as getting more sign-ups to your newsletter. Offer a prize in your game campaign and secure lots of new newsletter signups.

However, you should be aware of the risks associated with gamification in digital marketing. If a game does not work or does not bring what it promises, it can have a negative effect on your brand image. Therefore, you should be sure to work with a professional agency when you make your game campaign. Here at Lead:famly, we are always standing by, ready to help you with your campaign!


Three success stories with gamification from Lead:famly

Mols Linien

Mols Linien has had great success with their summer advent calendar, which offers great prizes every June. Last year, Mols Linien received 272,000 registrations from the campaign.


In 2015, BabySam made an online advent calendar that was palyed almost 400,000 times during the month of December. By offering really nice prizes, they generated more leads and engaged their audience.


Alka made a great Christmas campaign campaign, which was an online advent calendar that users could participate in every day in December. The calendar was a great success for Alka, which received more than 250,000 registrations.


Before you start creating a campaign, you should think about what you want to get out of the campaign, as this will help you to realize which type of game is the most appropriate. Do you want to engage your audience in a product/service or your brand? Do you want to build greater awareness about your company? Do you want more leads so you can have continuous communication with existing and potential customers?

Call us at Lead:famly +45 8993 7558, and we will help you find the campaign that best fits your needs. We offer many different game campaigns, such as the advent calendar, quiz, memory game, wheel of fortune, and more.