Tell your story with gamification

Mads Ejsing

Everyone knows that it is important to stand out among the crowd. There are many ways to make an impression, but one of the most interesting ways is with storytelling.

People have been telling stories since prehistoric times, but using storytelling as a marketing tool is more popular now than ever before. Stories are being used to promote everything from commercial products and services to charitable causes.

At its core, storytelling in marketing is about communicating an organization’s values and goals in an engaging and entertaining way.

You can bombard your customers with facts and figures regarding your company and your products, but it won’t stick in their memory until you have created a good story that they can associate with your brand. But how exactly can you create the kinds of stories that help you connect with your target group?

Get the conversation started

Many of our clients employ gaming mechanisms when they want to tell their story and engage their customers. But a conversation is best when both parties have the opportunity to contribute, and you can also use games to learn more about your target group. Personality tests are a particularly effective way to get customers to tell you their own stories while at the same time spreading the word about your company’s values.

The two case studies below illustrate how a good campaign can effectively meet both of these objectives.

IF Insurance

There’s no getting around it: communications about insurance policies are painfully boring. It’s a challenge to get users to understand the differences between the various services and how pricing varies between products. That is why IF Insurance decided to use an entertaining and relatable story as a way to get their message across and be remembered.

The insurance company’s slogan, “Relax, we’ll help you”, demonstrates their most important corporate value: helpfulness. They built on this with an elegant campaign that incorporated a Lead:famly personality test in which participants could discover if they were the helpful type.

Read more about the “How helpful are you?” campaign here.

By writing interesting questions that participants enjoyed answering, IF Insurance created an opportunity for meaningful interaction with their target group and also brought their own brand’s story to life.



The retail-chain Normal has grown at a fantastic rate for the past year and a half. A big part of their success can be attributed to their fun and relatable brand identity.

Rather than try to stand out by offering a bunch of deals and discounts, their strategy is to stand out by being as normal as possible. Counterintuitive as it may sound, this has allowed them to build a brand identity that is unlike any other retailer. To cement this identity in the minds of their Danish customers, they created the “How Normal are you?” campaign in Fall 2017.

Read the case study of Normal’s personality test here.

By answering humorous questions about everyday habits and behaviours, participants could find out how normal they were compared to their peers and countrymen. The campaign helped Normal build a relationship with their target group by showing participants that they too were, for the most part, quite normal.

Test takers enjoyed the campaign so much that they happily shared their results on social media, spreading Normal’s story even more widely.


Your target group’s story is also your story

Storytelling is especially important in content marketing, where social media sharing and word of mouth are everything. The goal is to get your existing and potential customers to help share your brand’s offers with their own networks.

But your target group will only share your story with their friends if they connect with it and feel like it’s their story too. That’s why content marketers spend so much time and effort creating stories that people can identify with.

Are you interested in using gamification to get your target group engaged with your story? Contact us to learn more or start your free trial today.