Why should you run an online christmas calendar over Christmas?

Julia Bleken Østergaard

Advantages of running an online Christmas calendar

A digital Christmas calendar is one of the marketing activities, that helps create the highest level of engagement from your audience, whether it concerns customers employees and/or sponsors. An online Christmas calendar generates joy and excitement in the month of December and can be a really good way to, not just generate new leads or strengthen the relation to your audience, byt also to promote your products or services without your audience feeling overwhelmed by unwanted commercials.

What benefits are there when making a Christmas calendar campaign?

  • Get new leads - With an online Christmas calendar you can generate new leads for your company. Leads can be used to analyze your audience as well as increase the number of receivers to your communication. 
  • Get more newsletter signups -The newsletter is one of the most important tools when it comes to your business communication. With an online Christmas calendar you can increase the amount of receivers to your newsletters significantly.
  • Get more traffic to your webpage - SEO is one of the marketing initiatives than you simply cannot avoid today. Luckily you can generate traffic to your webpage with an online Christmas calendar. 
  • Promote products and services - With a calendar campaign it is possible to your products and/or services. You can even show ney content every day so that your audience gets presented to several of your products during the month of December.
  • Boost likes on social media - Most people know that social media is a vey good way to distribute your business communication. The larger audience you have on social media, the more people receive your communication and, thus the larger effect your communication will have.
  • Create loyalty from the company's stakeholders - When we talk loyalty through the help of a Christmas calendar campaign we are not only talking customers or employees but also sponsors and other collaborators.

Good advice when creating your campaign.

  • Start early! - There will be plenty of stress in the month of December. Start early with your Christmas calendar and you will avoid it becoming a stressful task. If you hve set it up before December it will run automatically. 
  • Be visual - No matter which campaign you create it is always a good idea to create visual content, and at Christmas time there are really good opportunities to create a cozy Christmas vibe with all sorts of Christmas stuff in your campaign. It can also be a good idea to put a video into the calendar so that the users get some variety from day to day. This can make them more likely to play more days. 
  • Create collaboration between prizes and promotion - When you are setting up your design it can be a good idea to  think about which prizes you are offering. If it for example is a computer that you can win on the 13'th of December you can choose to promote other electronics, as there is a chance that the user it interested in electronics. 


What do you get with a Christmas calendar from Leadfamly?

With our online Christmas calendar you have little daily competitions over the span of a month. every day your customers can visit the campaign, scrape the door of the day and answer the question.

Additionally we offer many different features to your Christmas calendar.

  • Complete freedom of design - Create the calendar exactly as you wish.
  • Mobile friendly version - The online Christmas calendar also works on mobile phones.
  • Facebook share - Encourage the players to share both the calendar itself as well as their results with their network.
  • Email reminder - The users can sign up for a daily reminder email.
  • Facebook App - Set up the game as a Facebook app.
  • List of winners - Get a list of the winners shown.
  • Video - Put your own videos into the calendar that are connected to the daily question.
  • Aut. winner extraction - With our system you can generate a random winner automatically.
  • E-mail integration - Integrate with your favorite email provider and import all your registration directly into your list.
  • Prize list - Create a list with all the different prizes from 1 - 24 December. 
  • Play the game on all platforms - Participate in the calendar whether you use tablet, mobile devices or computer.
  • Statistics - See the statistics for your calendar campaign continuously. How many registrations has the campaign received and how many players have participated more than once?
  • Pre-launch - Promote the campaign before it goes live and let the users receive a reminder email when they can start playing.
  • Excel export - Get your registrations exported as an excel file.
  • Tell a friend - Press a button and send the campaign directly through to a friend. You can also write a personal message to the receiver.
  • Dynamic content - Create content that changes every day.
  • and much more...

Do you want to know more about our online Christmas campaigns?

Send us an email on contact@booztit.com or call +45 8993 7558 if you wish to hear more or order your Christmas calendar today.