Finally a Christmas Campaign That Drives Results

For many marketers, it’s tough to be both innovative, agile executors, and prove direct commercial value creation from their activities. The LeadFamly gamification platform empowers your marketing team to do all of the above.

Curious what your team can accomplish with gamification this holiday season?

Prove marketing value with strong business results

Infusing game mechanics into your marketing activities can produce outstanding uplifts in both engagement and sales performance:

  • Up to 40x direct sales return vs. investment

  • Up to 39% more in-store sales through gamification

  • Up to 5 minutes of brand engagement per session

  • Win new leads at a CPL as low as £3.50

  • Drive brand awarenessrepeat business, and brand loyalty

While gamification in marketing isn’t a new phenomenon, making pre-built game concepts available in a platform that empowers ambitious marketers to build engaging marketing campaigns, that is revolutionary.

With the help of 25+ pre-built game concepts, LeadFamly allows marketing teams to create and launch hyper-engaging marketing campaigns – no coding skills or agency resources required.

Is gamification for us?

Is gamification for us?
Whether you’re a B2C or B2B business, gamification will help create fast commercial results for any business in any industry – and especially for seasonal campaigns – because of its hyper-engaging nature.

Work smart, execute swiftly

Work smart, execute swiftly
The LeadFamly platform lets you build engaging campaigns based on 25+ pre-built game concepts. No coding skills required and on-brand. You create it, build it, launch it.

Be safely bold

Be safely bold
This is your chance to stand out from the competition and show the world how innovative and impactful you can be as a company. Our passionate Customer Success team will help your marketing team get started and is by their side if they ever get stuck.

How can my team make use of gamification?

Our best practices,
your inspiration.

We have put together a few key resources that should provide ideas and inspiration to make this year’s Christmas campaigns a daily gift that keeps on giving.

This isn’t just another ebook written for marketing purposes. We see that marketers’ jobs are only getting more challenging, especially around the holidays. It’s harder to cut through the noise. So we put pen to paper and penned our 25 best tips for Advent Calendars.

One platform, endless opportunities.

The LeadFamly gamification platform lets you build as many game campaigns and always-on activities for marketing as you want, when you need them. You’re the creator, the developer, the designer, the executer.

With an annual license for the LeadFamly platform, you get access to the following:

Game Content Management System

Game content flow and landing page management, dynamic content, video embedding, countdown modules, social sharing, interactive pop-ups and more. 

25+ Pre-Built Game Concepts

Apply our pre-built game concepts and use proven effective game mechanics to build engaging marketing campaigns.

Advanced Prize Settings

Advanced prize and winner management including location-based prizes and mobile voucher management.

Visual Editor

Intuitive frontend editor that makes game designing quick and easy, custom landing page builder to ensure on-brand digital experiences, and pre-launch demo mode.

Branded Design & Layout

Custom CSS and branding for desktop, mobile, and tablet use; responsive design, and toggle grids for enhanced layout. 

Customised Campaign Templates

Create branded templates to ensure consistency and a fast execution.

Seamless Integrations

70+ native integrations for email and marketing automation platforms, analytics tools, storage solutions, and all major CRM systems; custom integrations are available.

Real-Time Dashboard & Analytics

Keep an eye on campaign visits, registrations (total & unique), engagement insights, conversion rates, drop-offs by flow step/page, game flow / funnel  statistics.

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brands across the globe.


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