Industry overview


Our clients in the finance industry use Lead:famly to help local offices keep in close contact with their customers. Banks often want to learn more about potential customers and promote investment products - quizzes and personality tests are well suited to these applications.

Energy & Insurance

It can often be a challenge to get customers interested in engaging with these industries. Our clients' campaigns typically aim to collect both email and telephone information, which allows them to reach out with personalised communications afterwards. We have found that leads generated via targeted gamification campaigns have better sales potential.

Manufacturing and B2B

Our clients in manufacturing and B2B use the Lead:famly platform to build greater loyalty among distributors, installation technicians, and other business partners. We offer a wide variety of games that can ensure your brand has top-of-mind status among your target groups.


The Lead:famly platform is ideal for supporting a broad, omnichannel perspective. It's important to create a digital look and feel that is aligned with your business and to activate your digital customers with prizes and coupons that can be redeemed in-store. The platform is also a great way to boost your permission database and extend your brand's visibility and reach.

Ecommerce & Web Portals

Our ecommerce and web portal clients use Lead:famly for high-frequency activation. In addition to keeping their brand top-of-mind, they can grow their permission database, increase web traffic and sales, and gather valuable information about their users.

Unions & NGOs

Within this industry, it is crucial to recruit new members on an ongoing basis while activating current members and donors to keep them engaged. Our clients are able to pursue different goals using the Lead:famly platform, depending on whether they are focused on gaining new permissions or engaging with existing users.

Travel & Hospitality

The Lead:famly platform supports the travel, hotel, and restaurant industries with campaigns that generate more bookings and reservations. Our clients build campaigns that grow their permission databases and activate their target audiences.

Leisure & Entertainment

There are great opportunities for frequent use of the Lead:famly platform among our clients in the leisure and entertainment industries. You can use our game concepts to gain new permissions, attract more visitors, collect more data, and activate your customers in person or online.


Many brands are looking for a way to generate more revenue via their sales channels, and this is where gamification really makes a difference. By running campaigns on, for example, Facebook and requiring prizes to be collected in-store, you can combine online activation with increased foot traffic. Many brands have had great success using the Lead:famly platform with an omnichannel perspective.

IT & Telecom

Gamification supports sales and marketing in a value chain for subscription products. You can gather data on your leads - such as their current provider, data usage, and choice of mobile device - before they are contacted by a telemarketer. Having this information in advance results in noticeably higher conversion rates, and it is just one of the possible applications of the Lead:famly platform in the IT and Telecom industries.

Media & Publishing

The Lead:famly platform is typically used by media and publishing companies to increase subscription sales. Our clients use gamification campaigns to broaden their sources of new permissions and to keep in touch with their existing subscribers.

Advent calendar

More than 220,000 participants entered the competition, which generated a big increase in traffic to ILVA's website.

220,000 registrations

T. Hansen
Anniversary Campaign

To celebrate T. Hansen's 25th anniversary, we launched a scratch card campaign in which winners could redeem their vouchers at their local T. Hansen store.

98,000 registrations

Birthday Campaign

IDEmøbler was able to promote different Weekly Deals during their four-week campaign built with the Lead:famly platform.

40,000 registrations