Industry overview


Our clients in the finance industry use Lead:famly to support local offices with activation campaigns, social media challenges, internal challenges, christmas challenges etc.

Energy & Insurance

These clients work within the low-interest field and therefore have challenges to activate their target groups. Our customer's campaigns typically have the goal of collecting leads both by mail and telephone, which allows them to make contact afterwards. Experience shows us that leads generated through targeted gamification campaigns, in a professional universe, have a better sales-closure potential.

Manufacuturing and BTB

Our customers in production and BTB use the Lead:famly platform to create greater loyalty among dealers, installers and partners in general. Thus, you can enable your audiences through a variety of game activities and ensure the top of mind with your audience. In addition, the platform is also strong to increase the permission databases and qualify the data contained therein.


The Lead:famly platform is strong for strengthening a broad omnichannel perspective. It's all about creating a digital look-and-feel that is in line with your business, but also to award customers with digital vouchers that can be redeemed in that store. In addition, you can use the platform to boost the permissions database and create wide visibility.

Ecom and portals

Our E-com customers and customers with portals use Lead:famly to activate their audience at high frequency. These activities can have multiple goals, including increasing a permission database, creating traffic to the site to create more sales and, not least, to enrich the database with more info on individual users. High activity keeps your company top of mind.

Unions, members and NGO

Within this industry it is crucial to recruit new members on a regular basis and to activate existing members or donors so that they stay. Thus, our customers work with different goals using the Lead:famly platform. The many different game concepts can contribute to different plans, whether new permissions are to be created or activating existing users.

Travel, hotels and restaurants

The Lead:famly platform supports many key areas in industries where the goal is to get a customer to make a booking. Whether it's about making campaigns where permission database needs to be enhanced, enriched, or target audience must be kept active, a wide-range deployment of the platform can ensure more bookings.

Leisure & Entertainment

Within the leisure and entertainment industry, there are some amazing activation potentials with frequent use of the Lead:famly platform. Our customers use our game concepts from everything to create new permissions, create more visits to them, enrich data on existing customers or to activate them when they are on their website or in a park.


Many brands are looking for a tool to generate more revenue in the sales channels - that's where gamification becomes strong. By doing activities on, for example, Facebook with prize pickup in a physical shop, you merge online activation to point of sale traffic and activation. Therefore, many brands use Lead:famly an omnichannel perspective with great success.

IT & telecom

In a value chain for a subscription product, gamification will support sales and marketing efforts. If you need knowledge about which current telecommunications company, data needs, mobile phones, new potential clients have, an online gamification campaign would be strong.

Media & Publishers

The typically usage of the Lead:famly platform among media companies and publishers is to strengthen subscription sales. Our customers work with game concepts, both to reinforce the access of new permissions and, not least, to ensure activation of existing subscriptions to keep them around.

Christmas calendar

The campaign gave ILVA a big increase in traffic to the website and gave them more than 200,000 entries in the competition.

220.000 registrations

Anniversary Campaign

During T. Hansens 25th anniversary, we launched a scratch competition where the winner could redeem his voucher in your local T. Hansen store.

98.000 registrations

Birthday Campaign

Idemøbler could over the 4 weeks presenting different Weekly Deals based on Leadfamlys software

40.000 registrations