Ready-to-use games

Set your campaign objectives and pick the right game concept to meet your goals. Whether you want to boost your database or engage deeper with your audience, we offer different game concepts that can help you succeed.

Keep reading for a full overview of our different game concepts.


Content Engagers

Our clients choose these game concepts when the goal is to engage deeply with their target group, not just grow their database. These games are typically content-based and are a good choice for when you want your target group to interact meaningfully with your brand and business.


Build an interactive quiz with as many questions as you like. Completely customizable appearance and degree of difficulty.

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Personality Test

Appeal to your customers’ desire to learn about themselves and gain valuable insight into their preferences with a branded personality test.

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Advent Calendar

Give participants a chance to win by opening a new door each day during a certain time period. Easily combine with scratchcard and quiz modules.

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Guess the Picture

Slowly reveal an image to your participants, challenging them to identify the content within an adjustable time frame.

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Hide and Seek

Entice your target group to explore your website. Hide virtual artifacts, give your participants a hint, and let them go hunting.

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Level Quiz

A quiz format where the participant has to answer all questions correctly. When a wrong answer is provided, the participant has to start all over.

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Priority Puzzle

Challenge your participants to arrange images in the correct order, 1-2-3-4. A creative way to test their knowledge about your products.

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Video Quiz

Build a quiz in which the participant has to watch a video before they can answer the questions correctly.

High Converters

If the objective is to grow your database, these game concepts will be the right fit for your campaign. Our clients typically achieve participation rates between 60-80% with their campaigns.

Slot Machine

A slot machine is an irresistible game of luck. Your participants will happily register for the chance to get three-in-a-row.

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Wheel of Fortune

Participants spin the wheel in the hope that the needle will land on a winning section. Great for prize vouchers and discount coupons.

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Pique your customers’ interest with a poll about anything from ice cream flavours to football players. Great for gaining market insights.

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Lucky Number

Keep in touch with your customers by assigning them a unique number, which they can enter to see if they are an instant winner.

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Participants scratch fields hoping to reveal one or more winning images. Often used in combination with an advent calendar.

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A quick and easy game concept: participants spin the drum and out comes either a winning ticket or a blank.

Brand Extenders

These game types typically have a participation rate between 45-60% with an average of two minutes spent per participant.


Upload an image, divide it into a variable number of pieces, and challenge participants to put them back together in the correct order.

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Spot the Difference

Emphasize the details by presenting participants with two nearly identical images and encouraging them to identify the differences.

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Participants have to flip and match tiles with images of your choice. Limit the time or number of moves to increase the level of difficulty.

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Sliding Puzzle

Challenge your participants to arrange the puzzle in the correct order, moving only one piece at a time.

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How to pick the best game concept for your campaign

Over the years, we have collected huge amounts of data, giving us valuable insights that we can share with our clients. This overview of our game concepts is possible thanks to ongoing analysis of each game's performance. You can read more about how to choose the correct game for your campaign by clicking the link below.