Ready to use games

Set your campaign objectives and pick the best game concept to meet your targets. Whether your goal is to boost your permission database or to engage deeper with your audience, we offers various game concepts, that helps you to succeed and meet your objectives

In the below, you will have the full overview of the different game concepts.


Content engagers

Our clients choose these game concept, when the objective is to engage deeper with the target groups, more than to chase a boost for their permission database. These concepts is typically content based and is well fitted when you want your target group to involve deeply in your brand and business.


Create a quiz with your desired number of questions. You can set different kind of game plays from the platform

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Personality test

Build a personality test or use the same concept to create a product selector. Dynamic content settings are possible.

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Calendar game

Advanced christmas calendar concept. It is also possible to use the same game to run a quiz over x numbers of days

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Guess the image

Create an image quiz, where you can challenge to participant to guess images with an adjustable timeframe.

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Hide n’ seek

Let your target group browser your website. Hide virtual artefacts, give the participant a hint and let them go happy hunting.

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Level Quiz

A quiz format where the participant has to answer all questions correctly. When a wrong answer is provided, the participant has to start all over.

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Prio Game

Let your target group show their knowledge about you. Get the participants to put x number of images in the right order before moving on.

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Video Quiz (Q3)

Combine video and quiz. Build a quiz flow, hvor the participant has to watch a video before answering the questions correctly.

High converters

If the objective is to boost your permission database these game concepts will be the right fit for your campaign. Typically our clients reach participation rates between 60-80% in their campaigns

Slot Machine

Easy to build a campaign with Slot Machine. Adjust the participants winner probability or build a more advanced game flow.

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Wheel of fortune

Build your campaign and let the participants spin the wheel. Great liberty to design the wheel and a game concept with strong conversion rates.

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Voting poll

Connect your poll with a competition. Really strong design liberty. Typically high conversion rates in this game concept.

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Lucky number

Wide usage possible. Let your participants set their lucky number and let know instantly if they have won.

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Scratch Card

Super high converting game concept. Possible to mix instant win and overall winner drawing.

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Tombola (Q3)

Rapid and easy activation of participants. They either win or get a rivet.

Brand extenders

Our clients choose these concepts, when the objective equally is to activate the target group and to have them spend time in a branded frame. The game concepts in the below has a natural connection to games we know from our everyday living.


Create a puzzle and let your target group collect it within a adjustable timeframe. Choose between different numbers of pieces.

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5 errors

Upload two images to the platform and point the errors on one of them. Let the participants point the missing spots within an adjustable timeframe.

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Memory game

Set the numbers of pair that the participant should match. When you have build the campaign, the participants have to find the matches within a specific timeframe

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Sliding puzzle

Upload an image of the game motive and set the numbers of play fields. Let the participants set the order right to win.

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How to pick the best game concept for your campaign

Through the years, we have collected huge data sets and we strive to convert these into valuable insights for you as a client. The game segments in the above is a result of ongoing performance analysis on each game type. We have written an article about how you pick the best game concept for a specific campaign.