Hide n' seek

Hide n' seek is different from the other games in the Lead:famly platform. This game takes place on your own site and is a hunt/tour on your website that guides the customers around on the subpages that you want to show. This could take place as a treasure hunt, where the user must find specific prizes via hints. This is often used for Easter hunting or if you want to have your target audience around on a new website. The game can also create new leads, but it is more likely used as a fun activity in relation to promoting messages or the website


  • Increased number of website page views
  • Activate your customers
  • Increased brand loyalty and awareness
  • Qualify customer data


Below is some of the main features listed

  • Creative freedom
  • Responsive version
  • Facebook share
  • E-mail reminder
  • Facebook app
  • Winnerlist
  • Embed video
  • E-mail integration
  • Prize list
  • Support all devices
  • Statistics
  • Prelaunch
  • Excel export
  • Mobile friendly
  • Tell a friend
  • and much more...

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