Level Game

This game is a quiz variant in Lead:famly.

Quizzes are generally good at getting a given audience to interact with content. Several of our customers with so-called low-interest products (such as banks, insurance, energy, unions) typically use quiz formats in Lead:famly when they have challenges in getting important content brought to live among their customers. When wrapped into a quiz format, it's easier to activate the audience. Other customers use a quiz to challenge their customers - they test their knowledge and a given topic.

The level quiz differs from other quizzes since the users will 'die' at the moment they respond wrong the first time to a question. If they want to improve their results, then they will have to start over. If you manage to make an interesting and challenging quiz, with gradually increasing difficulty in the questions, the user will try to improve their performance

Some of our customers have managed to get the user to improve their performance up to 5 times as well as much as 20% of the traffic to a given campaign comes virally through the sharing the users make


Below is an overview of some of the platform's available features

  • Creative freedom
  • Responsive design
  • Facebook share
  • Email reminder
  • Facebook app
  • Winner list
  • Embed video
  • Email integration
  • Prize list
  • Across-device support
  • Statistics
  • Pre-launch
  • Excel export
  • Mobile friendly
  • Tell a friend
  • and much more...

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