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With the Lead:famly'a Digital Activation Platform, we empower you as a brand company to build advanced gamified campaigns. This gives you the best conditions for capturing more quality leads, activating and engaging your target groups, and collecting valuable data. Below you can get an overview of our three main product groups.

Game concepts

Choose from more than 15 different game concepts

We have developed each individual game concept, in order to give you the best conditions for boosting your permission database, to let your target group engage in your content and brand as well as collecting valuable user data.

Get the full game concept overview and see how to maximize meaningful engagement with your target audience in order to create value for both your audiences and your brand.

Examples of game concepts:


When you build a game campaign in the Lead:famly platform, you can support it with a number of features that are all accessible in the platform. This means you can enrich your campaign with different content elements, numerous add-ons like social share, count down module and etc. while also having access to a list of settings that will ensure optimal campaign execution.

Feature highlights:

  • Front-end edit
  • Advanced prize- and winnerhandling
  • Count down module
  • Mobile vouchers
  • Pop-up feature for your website/li>
  • Social shares
  • Responsive front-end
  • Dynamic content
  • Embed video

Get in touch with us to gain a full overview of what our Digital Activation Campaign can do for you.

Integration hub

When you build and run campaigns from Lead:famly, you do not have to worry about data handling. Actually, you can start using Lead:famly without making any changes to your current system landscape.

We have built an awesome integration hub, where you can easily connect your campaign to Social Media platforms, Google Analytics and your CRM or permission databases - and you can do it yourself.

We continuously ad new integrations to the hub. Please get in touch for a full overview.

Examples of integration possibilities through our Digital Activation Platform:

  • Hubspot
  • Mailchimp
  • Campaign monitor
  • Run campaigns as Facebook App
  • Paste your own Google Analytics script
  • + more

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