Online personality test

The Lead:famly Personality test gives you some exciting opportunities to create a strong activity for your audiences.The personality test can be used both for fun and unpretentious campaigns and can also be used as a product leader. Customers like HBO Nordic want their target groups to find out who the look the most from given series, while IF Insurance ran a campaign to test peoples helpfulness.
Other clients will allow their customers to find out what type wax that best fits their hairtype.

You can set up dynamic sections on the response page conditioned based on the product that the user ends up with. This data can also be sent automatically to your permission database and gives you some great opportunities for further segmented marketing.

Our customers have a high level of commitment from users to this game type and typically we see a time span between 3-5 minutes. Participation rates often hit around 50%. With the right angle in a campaign, a big viral potential can be achieved. You can thus set up a feature for Facebook sharing, which allows users to share their personality with friends on facebook. Then the campaign will receive a good amount of free traffic. With fun and challenging questions you will test your customers’ knowledge about selected themes, your own products or your company’s core values. Furthermore, you will have the option to link the participants to relevant subpages, where they can read more about the subject and learn the answer. Thereby, you will lead traffic to relevant sub-pages and promote messages or products of your choosing.


Below is an overview of some of the platform's available features

  • Creative freedom
  • Responsive design
  • Facebook share
  • Email reminder
  • Facebook app
  • Winner list
  • Embed video
  • Email integration
  • Prize list
  • Across-device support
  • Statistics
  • Pre-launch
  • Excel export
  • Mobile friendly
  • Tell a friend
  • and much more...

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