Prio game

With this game you can test your audience's knowledge of a given phenomenon. From the Lead:famly platform you can set up a Prio game yourself. Thus, you can launch a campaign where you ask participants to set some graphic elements in a priority order on time. If the priority is not completed correctly before the expiry time, then start again. When the participant hits the correct order, you can let them participate in the competition.

The goal of these campaigns is typically challenging a given audience at an appropriate high level while getting important information about your business, products or services enabled


  • Long engagement time
  • Promote your products
  • Increased brand loyalty and awareness
  • With time trap
  • Boost your permission database


Below is some of the main features listed

  • Creative freedom
  • Responsive version
  • Facebook share
  • E-mail reminder
  • Facebook app
  • Winnerlist
  • Embed video
  • E-mail integration
  • Prize list
  • Support all devices
  • Statistics
  • Prelaunch
  • Excel export
  • Mobile friendly
  • Tell a friend
  • and much more...

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