When you build a game campaign with LeadFamly, you gain access to a number of features that are all accessible on the platform. You can enrich your campaign with different content elements and numerous add-ons (social sharing, countdown module, etc.), and you have control over a variety of settings that can be modified to ensure optimal campaign execution.

Gamification features
Features for gamification

Central features

Front-end campaign editing

The LeadFamly platform has an intuitive front-end builder and
editor that makes game designing quick and easy.

Manage prizes and winners

Allocate prizes for your game players to win. These can be vouchers for your store or product, a discount code, or even merchandise. You can set and manage the prizes from the LeadFamly platform, and automatically send notifications to winners.

Mobile vouchers

Share the prize virtually with winners. Use phone vouchers to share discount codes, winner vouchers, or even QR codes. There are two ways to send codes— by email or by SMS (which requires tokens).

Social shares

Make it easy for your audience to show their network the games they play. With the LeadFamly platform, it’s fast, easy, and fun to share your progress.

Countdown module

Create excitement with a countdown the date to when a campaign launches. It’s most often used with the Advent Calendar, but can be used to any time of year.

Dynamic content

Use replacement tags to personalize the experience. While in the front-end editor, choose from the winner’s name, prize, how much time a challenge took, and many more options.

Responsive front-end

The front-end allows campaign builders to use the same brand guidelines and settings for desktop, mobile, and tablet. If you copy the rules from desktop to mobile, all you need to do is untick the box to make edits to the mobile version of your game campaign.

Video embedding

Video content can grab your audience’s attention so we’ve made sure you can use the video addon to embed hosted videos that educate, entertain, and/or convert  in your game campaigns.

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