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When you build and run campaigns with LeadFamly, you don’t have to worry about data handling. In fact, you can use LeadFamly without making any changes to your
current system.

We have built an awesome integration hub where you can easily connect your campaign to social media, Google Analytics, and your CRM or permission databases – and you can do it yourself.

Popular integrations

Connect LeadFamly with Mailchimp to collect and manage newly generated contacts. Build segments based on campaign engagement and target users with relevant offers.

Connect LeadFamly to your company’s Facebook page to allow game participants to share their results.

Connect LeadFamly with Google Analytics to learn more about your audience and understand how new contacts generated from LeadFamly campaigns engage with
your content.

Connect LeadFamly with HubSpot to feed contacts generated from LeadFamly campaigns right into your Hubspot database. Create meaningful segments and track user engagement.

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