Why gamification?


01 Creates a state of flow​

Flow is the mental state of a person who is performing an action and is fully immersed in a feeling of focus, involvement, and enjoyment. It’s the perfect moment to convey key messages you want them to remember and suggest actions you would like them to consider.

02 It’s about being memorable

Offering challenging activities that require skills or knowledge and merging these with key messages gives brands the opportunity to effectively create awareness and be remembered. No other marketing technique can do that.

03 Intrinsic motivation

Games can create a sense of intrinsic motivation that grows over time. Successful game design taps into our lust for competition, rewards, and status; this creates many opportunities for marketers to increase consumer engagement, loyalty, and drive specific behaviors.

04 Engages consumers

Rather than feeling marketed to, the right game can engage customers in a task or behavior. While the customer goes through the game, marketers can also share messages or updates, when it’s authentic and at the right moment.

things-to-consider gamification

01 Match your marketing goals with the right gamification technique

Some game campaigns are more effective than others when trying to either create engagement or generate lots of conversions. Make sure you use the right type that relates to your desired marketing outcome.

02 Understand your 
target audience

Not every game campaign will be effective for all audiences. Consider what game will be most appropriate for your audience and your marketing goals.

03 Choose the right incentive

If your game campaign offers an incentive such as samples, coupons, or special content, consider your
target audience and make sure you match the incentive type accordingly. What does your audience want?

04 Keep it simple

Make sure you design your game campaign so it’s clear and simple for your audience to understand how it works, what you’re asking them to do, and what they get out of it. Consider testing your approach on a sample audience before doing the big rollout.

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