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iwd 2021 leadfamly
Social media

International Women’s Day At LeadFamly For the 110th IWD, the theme is #choosetochallenge. Here’s what we are doing to contribute to equality and how we create awareness around the issues women face.

customer trust leadfamly
Data enrichment

How To Gather And Use The Right Audience Data Asking for data and then using it effectively comes down to one variable: building trust between your brand and your consumer. Here’s how to do this.

Customer engagement

2020: Year In Review This year was unlike any other. We want to shine a light on the highlights, both our customers’ and a few of our own!

Customer engagement

How Game Mechanics In Marketing Work Here’s the 5 game mechanics that will increase impact of commercial activities and throughout the customer journey.

Customer engagement

5 Excellent Examples Of Advent Calendars Looking for inspiration for this year’s Christmas campaign? We’ve compiled five great ideas.

finnish hotel game campaign
Customer loyalty

How A Small Team Uses Gamification In Marketing Here’s how the Finnish congress hotel, Långvik, builds game campaigns with just a two-person team.

Customer engagement

Gamifying A Retail Store Opening Here’s how Shaping New Tomorrow created a multichannel experience for their customers.

gamification in marketing
Customer engagement

A Brief Guide To Gamification In Marketing Here’s how marketers can use gamification, and what your audience can expect to experience.

gamification insurances
Customer engagement

How Insurances Use Gamification Here’s a look at why insurances need to embrace new ways of marketing and two examples from companies that did.

banks gamification
Customer engagement

How Banks Use Gamification We took a look at the current state of gamification in the banking industry.

clean newsletter email marketing
Email marketing

It’s Time To Spring Clean Your Newsletter Here are 4 tips to refresh and amplify the impact of your newsletter.

Customer engagement

How Customer Service Impacts Customer Loyalty (+3 Loyalty Tips) Assess your customer service efforts to improve and keep your customers content.

Customer loyalty

The Benefit Of Always-On Campaigns Here’s why marketers should use always-on activities to create value for their audience consistently.

cookie data third-party
Data enrichment

The Third-Party Cookie Crumbles Data collection from internet browsing will soon be changing. Here’s our take.

gamification event marketing
Lead generation

Gamification: The Fuel Behind Successful Event Marketing Here’s how to add a gamification element to your next event, expo, or networking.

Customer engagement

2019: Year In Review It was a great year for us! Ready to see the highlights, both our customers and a few of our own?

personalization engagement addon
Customer engagement

Ready To Drive Footfall To Stores And Retain Your Audience? New add-on alert on the platform! Here are two new ways to personalize the post-game experience for your audience.

email marketing gamification
Email marketing

How Gamification Can Push The Envelope For Email Marketing Here are three ways marketers can use gamification increase the ROI of email marketing.

Email marketing

The Importance Of A Solid Email Database Here’s why to focus on getting engaged email subscribers.

Data enrichment

Why We Chose To Get ISO 27001:2013 Certified And What It MeansHave you ever thought about how we at LeadFamly secure our customers’ data?

email marketing black friday
Email marketing

The Importance Of A Strong Email List For Black FridayWith Black Friday being a huge shopping day (or week, depending on location), brands and businesses need to make a plan. Here’s where to start.

gamification facts best leadfamly
Customer engagement

The Facts Behind Why Gamification Works We gathered a list of the most interesting gamification facts.

email marketing gamification sales
Email marketing

5 Best Practices Of Email Marketing For Non-Profit Organizations The return on investment of email marketing is 4,400%. Here’s five ways to raise awareness with potential donors.

leadfamly integration custobar gamification
Data enrichment

How LeadFamly And Custobar Help Retailers Collect And Manage Customer Data Integrate LeadFamly and Custobar to gamify and unify your customer data.

inbound pop-up content
Lead generation

5 Ideas For Inbound-Friendly Pop-Ups When was the last time you were happy to see a pop-up appear on a page?

Harry Potter marketing image
Customer engagement

5 Top Marketing Insights from Harry Potter: Wizards Unite For Marketers Pokémon GO used marketing gamification and AR in a new way, and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is following in its footsteps.

Employees development gamification
Training & gamification

Gamification At Work: How It Helps Employees Develop Skills For The Future Games allow us to practice skills that we’ll need in the future. But how?

Training & gamification

Engage Your Employees With GamificationLearn four common misconceptions about gamification, and how it can help employees learn and develop.

GDPR_Thumb (1)

How To Get GDPR-Compliant Leads In 2019If you are trying to generate leads anywhere in the EU in 2019, then you need to understand how to properly collect, hold, and process personal data.

How games convert leads into clients
Lead generation

How Games Convert Leads Into Clients Looking for an effective method for converting leads into actual customers, clients, or sales for your business?

why gamification marketing is worth the investment
Customer engagement

Why Gamification Marketing Is Worth The InvestmentIf you have not incorporated gamification strategies into your current marketing campaigns, you are already falling behind.

Gamification V automation
Customer engagement

Gamification V. Marketing Automation: A ComparisonFind out why an interactive marketing gamification strategy can be more effective for your business than many automation tools.

Customer loyalty

3 Things Marketers Can Learn From The Gaming Industry What lessons can marketers learn from the gaming industry when it comes to implementing a successful marketing campaign?

2018 blog post gamification
Customer engagement

2018: A Year in Review2018 was a wild ride for us at Lead:famly – we worked hard to reach our goals for the year and are now ready to take on an even greater 2019!

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