Required formats for advent
calendar campaigns

This page contains the information you need to be able to get started with
your advent calendar campaign.

The calendar can be designed in two different ways. One option is to have a background image on top of which the daily windows are placed. The other option is to use a graphic that includes the windows.

Background image behind calendar (fullscreen)

The background image sits behind the calendar. It can fill the entire screen and should therefore be at least 1600 x 1000 pixels (maximum 2560 x 1000 pixels, which will work for all screen sizes). If you have an image that isn’t large enough, you can set the image to ‘cover’ the background.

The system supports image files up to 500KB in size. We recommend for optimizing your image files

Calendar graphic with windows

If you choose a graphic image with the windows already built in, note that it can not fill the entire screen. We suggest a maximum calendar image size of 1000 x 600 pixels in JPG or PNG format.

To ensure that the calendar works on both desktop and tablet screens, these are the maximum calendar widths allowed:

Desktop: 1100 pixels

Tablet (Landscape): 1000 pixels

Calendar graphics: how-to

Watch the videos below to see the different options for developing your advent calendar graphics. The first video shows how to use the platform to generate the calendar doors. The second video shows how to upload you own calendar door graphic. The third video shows both options for mobile devices.

Scenario 1

Create only a background color, pattern, or image. You will  generate the calendar doors within the platform by defining: dimensions, color, border, font, and positioning.

Scenario 2

Create a calendar graphic with all the doors on a transparent background (.png file format). This graphic will display over the background color, pattern, or image you create. Note that a background image will respond to the screen size but the doors will remain in the same fixed position.

Scenario 3

Create a calendar graphic with doors positioned on a background. Since the graphic will not fill the entire screen, you will also want to develop a background color, pattern, or image. You will use this scenario if your calendar doors need to align in a fixed way with the calendar graphic background.

Questions and answers

Under the game’s settings, you can edit the quiz questions that appear when the calendar windows are opened. You can manually add questions and answers for each day.

Mobile design

When viewed on a mobile device, only one calendar window is shown at a time (the window that is assigned to that particular day). Your visitors will not see the entire month’s worth of windows, and the background image won’t display the same way either.

The background should be formatted to display properly on the mobile devices you want to reach. We recommend 640 x 960 pixels, but the size can vary quite a bit from device to device, so you should always check to make sure the calendar displays properly before you go live.

Check out to help decide which device you want to optimize for.

When designing the calendar window that will show on a mobile device,  you have two options:

Set the color, border, text type, etc. in the platform’s back-end.
The window will generate automatically.

Upload a specially designed window as an image file. We recommend  200 x 200 pixels.

Summary of graphics

MaterialsRecommended SizeFormat
Calendar background image
Calendar graphic
Pictures behind windows
Calendar background image (mobile)
2560 x 1000 pixels
1000 x 600 pixels
200 x 200 pixels

640 x 960 pixels


Designer’s Guide

This includes information on: Bootstrap grids for desktop and
mobile design, and breakpoint information for all devices. Go to our designer`s guide

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