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Lead generation

How Würth Uses Targeted And Always-On Gamification Campaigns The B2B business uses a combination of campaigns to increase engagement with online customers and gather marketing permissions.

Customer engagement

How Cramo Uses Gamification To Level Up Their Partnership Initiatives The B2B construction rental company uses gamification and partnership to create deeper engagement with their audience.

masai gamification data
Data enrichment

How Customer Insights Transformed Masai’s Demand Planning The fashion brand used gamification data in planning, insight in design preference, and in wholesale coordination.

Lead generation

How Sunny Cars Used Gamification To Get A Competitive Advantage Sunny Cars wanted to stand out at a popular event expo so they used gamification engage and interact with their target audience.

Customer engagement

How Tulip Uses Game Mechanics To Introduce New Products Danish Crown Foods wanted a creative way to introduce a new product to their Tulip line. Introducing the Taco Tuesday Drop Game.

Customer engagement

How Kræftens Bekæmpelse Engaged & Educated Their Audience The Danish Cancer Society created an Advent Calendar to help their audience learn about their mission and fundraise for a good cause.

Customer engagement

How Tokmanni Gamifies Customer Acquisition Finland’s largest discount retailer used the platform to level up their gamification campaigns and saw impressive results.

willem II home jerseys 2020
Customer loyalty

Willem II’s Jersey Stunt The Dutch football club was searching for a unique and creative way to launch their new home team jerseys. So they decided to gamify the launch.

natusan cat litter calculator
Lead generation

Natusan’s Cat Litter Waste Calculator UK consumer goods brand, Natusan, created a Waste Calculator to educate their audience and encourage them to make sustainable choices.

customer loyalty gamification marketing
Customer loyalty

Carbon Theory’s Bag The Bar UK skincare brand, Carbon Theory, created a feel-good game for their customers. It was so successful that it’s now an always-on, lead generation campaign.

arla gamification sustainability
Customer engagement

Arla Sweden’s Sustainability and Dairy Quiz Arla Sweden created a game campaign to raise awareness of its sustainability efforts while entertaining their audience.

Data enrichment

Neste The Finnish energy company tested the registration form and conversion over two Scratchcards.

bavaria beer gamification
Data enrichment

Royal Swinkels Family Brewers The Dutch beverages business created an online hub with 4 game concepts to raise awareness, amplify engagement, and enrich data.

Customer engagement

W7 Cosmetics’ Spin To Win UK cosmetics brand, Warpaint or W7, used a high-conversion game concept to engage and convert their audience.

Customer engagement

Costcutter’s Valentine’s Day Campaign UK convenience retail brand, Costcutter, used gamification to create a fun and engaging holiday campaign.

jyske bank games
Customer loyalty

Jyske Bank’s Kids Games Jyske Bank made a set of always-on and kid-friendly games for families.

Customer engagement

Montana’s DREAM Quiz Montana Furniture wanted to raise awareness in focus markets, keep loyalty in the Danish market, and use gamification to position their brand as ‘playful’, ‘pragmatic’, and ‘sustainable’.

vero moda gamification quiz
Customer engagement

VERO MODA’s Hygge Campaign To raise awareness and create engagement, VERO MODA shared a cool quiz with their audience.

Data enrichment

LEGOLAND’s Christmas Campaign To create awareness, recoup data permissions, and increase loyalty, LEGOLAND Billund created a daily Advent Calendar.

ALDI gamification summer campaign
Customer loyalty

ALDI’s Summer Spot The Difference ALDI Denmark created a fun summer campaign to engage their email subscribers.

mcdonalds gamification leadfamly
Customer loyalty

McDonald’s Denmark Election Poll To coincide with the Danish Parliament election, McDonald’s Denmark released a timely and very successful game campaign.

zizzi swim gamification loyalty
Customer loyalty

Zizzi Swim Scratchcard Zizzi launched the Swim Scratchcard to boost loyalty and used a clever CTA to boost sales.

coop marketing gamification leadfamly
Customer engagement

Coop’s Use Of Marketing Gamification In Customer Relationship Management Throughout 2018, people played games in their Coop app 10 million times.

Sport24 gamification billede
Social media

SPORT 24 SPORT 24 sees campaign ROI exceeded by 33%.

Customer loyalty

T. Hansen Maximizing omnichannel marketing with the help of gamification.

Customer loyalty

MENY MENY solves their customers’ Christmas-related dilemmas with a landing page created on the LeadFamly platform.

Customer engagement

SPAR SPAR took over 80,000 customers on a treasure hunt.

Customer engagement

Danish Cancer Society The Danish Cancer Society busts cancer myths with their challenging online quiz.

Social media

IF If Insurance tested Danes’ helpfulness and managed to attract almost 15,000 website visitors in just a few days.

Lead generation

Comwell Target two different audiences by combining weekly and daily advent calendars.

Lead generation

Nordisk Film Nordisk Film strengthened customer relations with a film-themed online advent calendar.

Lead generation

Aldi This Easter, ALDI gave their customers something fun and colorful to engage with.

Customer engagement

Sydbank Quizzed their B2B customers, and put the focus on their own expert knowledge.

Lead generation

NormalNormal tried something unusual with a campaign that didn’t prioritize lead-generation.

Lead generation

IDEmøblerIDEmøbler generated tons of traffic with an advent calendar that felt as good as it looked.

Customer engagement

ArlaWith a fun Organic Day campaign, Arla welcomed families to spend a day out on the farm.

Lead generation

Hjem-is Thanks to an appetizing memory game, Hjem-IS will be remembered on hot summer days.

Lead generation

Sport 24For SPORT 24, Christmas was the perfect occasion to get to know their customers.

Lead generation

Bone’s RestaurantsAn advent calendar successfully turned website visitors into restaurant customers.

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