ALDI Denmark's Summer
Spot The Difference

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ALDI Denmark wanted to grab their audience’s attention during the summer of 2019. The supermarket chain wanted to engage and challenge their audience so they created a Spot The Difference game. With the work of their in-house graphic designer, they created the graphics and were able to quickly create the game on the LeadFamly platform.

They also ‘teased’ the competition on their website and included it into their newsletter. ALDI’s Summer 2019 campaign saw fantastic results: long engagement time, a high conversion rate, and positive interactions with their audience. The prize was simple perfect for summer: it was a big bag of ALDI ice cream that winners could pick up in a store. 

This activation was a success! It benefited customers while keeping ALDI top-of-mind for their audience. This is important because a recent survey on shopping habits shows that most shoppers (83%) visit between four and nine grocery chains within a year.

Why LeadFamly works for ALDI

ALDI Denmark’s development is done out of the head office in Germany. This means that the parameters for the website, backend set-up, and promotions are designed by headquarters. 

Using LeadFamly for marketing gamification campaigns allows ALDI Denmark to design memorable and creative experiences for their audience. It also enables them to run a different kind of promotion and advertising. Gamification amplifies ALDI Denmark’s marketing strategy.

“First of all your set-up is fantastic and user friendly. Secondly, we have complete control over our visuals so we are able to put our own visual mark on every single competition. I am very happy to use the LeadFamly platform— it gives me an overview of the campaign, and the best online support I have experienced to date. High five to the team 🙂.” - Marie Boel, Graphical Marketing Coordinator, Marketing, ALDI Denmark

The results

ALDI, a well-known supermarket chain, created a unique experience for their customers. They also used their owned marketing channels (newsletter and social media following) to advertise this Summer 2019 competition. 

Over the 10 days that the campaign ran, almost 15,000 visitors engaged with the campaign, and ALDI Denmark saw a conversion rate of 74.2%. The average time spent playing the Spot The Difference game was 1 minute, 30 seconds.

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