ALDI's Chicken Hunt

This Easter, ALDI gave their customers something fun and colorful to engage with.


Easter is the time of year when Danes do the most grocery shopping. For that reason, there is also heavy competition to catch their attention during the month of March. To set itself apart from the crowd, ALDI created a gaming campaign with an omnichannel perspective, engaging their customers in a search that spanned both digital platforms and physical locations. ALDI marketed their chicken hunt in their print and electronic weekly advertisements and via their Instagram account, challenging participants to find and count the chickens in their weekly ad.

Mobile Success

80% of the chicken hunt participants accessed the campaign via a mobile device or tablet, and the campaign had great overall success engaging participants and guiding them through ALDI’s many communication channels.

The campaign in details

he campaign was built out of four different campaign pages: a landing page that introduced the campaign and three quiz pages with different contests. The three contests were connected with the three weekly ads that ALDI sent throughout the Easter season. In each contest, participants had to correctly answer the question, “How many Easter chickens are there in the advertisement?” Under the question were three possible answers and a link to the advertisement in question. In the first week, 37 yellow chickens were hiding among the pages, in the second week the chickens were purple, and in the third they were green. This system ensured that customers weren’t confused about which advertisement they should look through to find the answer. Participants who answered with the correct number of chickens were entered into a drawing for a grand prize with a combined value of DKK 19,000.


The campaign ran from March 9 to April 4, and in that period there were 56,000 visits to the landing page. There were of course many others who participated in the competition without clicking through to the landing page, and many of the participants took part every day.

In addition to generating 24,000 leads for the grocery chain, the campaign motivated a ton of people to flip back and forth through the weekly ad. Hopefully these customers will take the next step and head down to their local ALDI when it’s time to shop for Easter dinner.

  • 24,000 unique leads

  • 20,000 click-throughs to the weekly ad

  • 80% of participants on mobile or tablet

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