Bone's Christmas Campaign

The Advent Calendar successfully turned website visitors into restaurant customers.

Bone’s Restaurants


The creative marketing department at the restaurant chain Bone’s outdid themselves in 2017. Their Christmas campaign was very successful in terms of transforming website visitors into customers at their restaurants.

By utilizing the LeadFamly platform’s omnichannel voucher option, Bone’s guided users from an online Advent Calendar to a local brick-and-mortar restaurant.

Campaign details

The Advent Calendar was designed as a scratch card where participants got a new opportunity to scratch and match fields every day. If they won, their prize was a voucher that could be redeemed in a restaurant of their choice. Prior to playing the game, the participants needed to enter their phone number. If they won, they would instantly receive a text message with a link to a digital voucher created through the LeadFamly platform. This enabled the restaurant chain to gather new leads, stay top-of-mind, and draw a lot of new customers into their restaurants.

  • The Advent Calendar was active from December 1-24, and during that period it had more than 60,000 participants.

  • On average, each participant played the game 24 times – once every day!

  • In total, participants scratched over 1.5 million fields in the Advent Calendar.

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