Comwell advent calendar

Target two different audiences by combining weekly and daily advent calendars.


For companies such as Comwell, which offers two completely different products to two very different customer types, it is necessary to segment marketing strategies to appeal to different target groups.

The hotel chain wanted both their private customers and their business clients to better get to know their brand. They also wanted to obtain more information about what they could offer the two separate groups.

With the LeadFamly platform, Comwell was able to target both groups at the same time by making parallel campaigns. A daily advent calendar was targeted towards their private customers and a weekly advent calendar towards their business clients. Both of the campaigns were tailored to appeal to the different needs and interests of the two target groups.

The campaign in details

The daily advent calendar consisted of 24 windows, which customers and potential customers could open one-by-one, counting down the days to Christmas Eve. Behind every window, there was a quiz with a question that could be answered by clicking through to Comwell’s website and reading the material on their subpages. In this way, customers were guided to the subpages that contained relevant information on the hotel chain’s various offers. If a customer answered the question correctly, they were entered into a drawing for luxurious prizes form Comwell.

Results from the campaign​

Both the daily and weekly advent calendars had a conversion rate of 60% and customers participated an average of 10 times.

The biggest success of the two calendars was guiding a large amount of visitors to the subpages of Comwell’s website.

The daily advent calendar directed more than 200,000 private customers to specific subpages of the website, where they could read more about Comwell’s relevant offers.

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