Hjem-is hot summer campaign

Thanks to an appetizing memory game, Hjem-IS will be remembered on hot summer days.

A warm summer day isn’t complete without a cool ice cream treat. To remind their Danish customers of this delicious fact, Hjem-IS built a sweet memory game on the Lead:famly platform. They aimed high with their campaign, pursuing not just one goal, but a broad range of objectives. Trine Gudmundsdóttir Sørensen, Online Manager with Hjem-IS explains: “The goal of the campaign was to increase the number of new members in Club Hejm-IS. At the same time, we wanted to direct more traffic to our website and engage existing and new customers- And on top of it all, we wanted to make sure that participants were reminded of the Hjem-IS brand in the lead-up to summer.”

Making Memory More Memorable

The campaign consisted of a game of memory, 4 x 3 tiles with photos of various tasty Hjem-IS treats. With gorgeous graphics and pictures of well loved ice cream classics, Hjem-IS inspired nostalgia for a cold sweet on a warm summer day. Participants enjoyed a positive and cohesive experience with the brand and were sure to have Hjem-IS top of mind the next time they bought ice cream.


Campaign details

Before they could play the game, participants first had to sign up for Club Hjem-IS, using their name and email address. Afterwards, they could turn and match tiles to their heart’s content. A timer at the bottom of the game added a sense of urgency and motivated participants to play again and again, as they tried to beat their previous record or their friends’ fastest times.

Participants were allowed to play up to three times per day, competing for daily prizes and also for entry into a drawing for the grand prize: a season pass to LEGOLAND for the whole family. By looking at the registrations that were collected via the campaign, Trine Gudmundsdóttir Sørensen noticed that many of the participants played more than once: “The participants were clearly entertained and interested in winning the daily prizes. It’s great that we were able to have multiple points of impact over the campaign period.”

Participants played an average of five times and spent 2:40 minutes on the game each time. ​

  • 50.000 visitors

  • 20.000 unique registrations

  • 11.000 totally new Club Hjem-Is members

  • 3% click through to product webpages

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