How Tulip Uses Game Mechanics
To Introduce New Products

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Danish Crown Foods, which owns the brands Tulip, Mou, Den Grønne Slagter, Gøl and Steff Houlberg, needed a tool that enables them to activate their audience, both in off-season and when the products are in season.

They recently used the LeadFamly platform to create an activity that raised awareness of a recently launched product, Tulip’s ready-made pulled pork for tacos.

The Tulip brand is part of Danish Crown Foods, a global company headquartered in Denmark. Tulip is sold in 120 countries and was the first brand to be registered in Denmark, back in 1909. Tulip is most known in non-Danish markets for its bacon, canned meat, and ready-made roasted meats. Danish Crown Foods is part of Danish Crown which owns the manufacturing process from slaughter to delivering ready-to-eat food to supermarkets.

About the campaign

Danish Crown Foods wanted to market one of Tulip’s new products in Norway. Food brands have a lot of competition, and it can be difficult to launch products. Gamification enabled Danish Crown Foods to spend time with their customers through an engaging game made for summer vacation.

So, Danish Crown Foods created a Drop Game that featured what you need for tacos. Gamification enabled them to expose their audience to the product without being overt. The Drop Game was a fun way for players to collect items they’d need to make pulled pork tacos. The campaign also linked to relevant recipes so Danish Crown was able to create a small universe around this campaign.

But Danish Crown Foods was aware of not making the game too easy. Danish Crown Foods wanted the consumers to spend some time with the new product, and at the same time, have fun collecting the items they needed for their own taco. Danish Crown Foods wanted the game to be challenging, but not too challenging, so they monitored the response of consumers to ensure the game was not too tough.   

The prize was relevant and useful: winners were entered into a lucky draw for a barbecue grill (clever!).

Why LeadFamly works
for Tulip

The marketing team at Danish Crown Foods uses gamification to help them get great results at an attainable price. Compared to what the team would have to invest for a tv spot or more traditional media, the LeadFamly platform helps them get that precious time with their audience.

“It’s often difficult to get that time with consumers. We also do use traditional media, but gamification helps us connect with our audience in a fun and engaging way. Comparing the pricing of a tv spot with a gamification license is no contest: gamification allows us to spend time with our consumers in an affordable way to support an always on presence that we cannot have on traditional media.”
- Mia Balle Laursen, Senior Digital Specialist, Danish Crown Foods

In addition, Mia Balle Laursen shared, “The platform is easy to use. All you need is your campaign graphics, then you can easily set up the game and be online.” This Drop Game also proved that an interesting and interactive campaign can hold someone’s attention, in this case for almost five minutes (!).

Danish Crown Foods uses gamification to create meaningful and memorable campaigns for their audience. It can be as simple as creating a small game to engage your audience over summer vacation to building a game that is part of a larger omnichannel campaign.


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