IDEmøbler's advent calendar

IDEmøbler generated tons of traffic with an advent calendar that felt as good as it looked.


When the large furniture chain IDEmøbler decided to work with LeadFamly in 2016, they didn’t expect to get 375,000 visits from 60,000 unique sources.

This led IDEmøbler to create an advent calendar that could attract more visitors to the website, building greater awareness of selected products and generating new permissions for their newsletter.

The advent calendar was designed with the same “look and feel” style used in their stores, online, and in their catalogs to create a common thread across marketing channels. That way, customers wouldn’t have any doubt about who was behind the campaign.

How they did it

The calendar presented around 25 IDEmøbler products. Customers opened one box per day in December and had to answer some questions about the products. IDEmøbler tried to make sure that the questions were challenging enough that customers would to have to visit their website in order to find the information. In this way, IDEmøbler marketed their products and also created cookies for the customers who visited their website.

Customers visited the advent calendar an average 4.5 times throughout December and used a total of 2 minutes and 13 seconds in the game. This indicates that the initiative connected with existing members of the newsletter list and that new sign-ups were welcomed with a high level of engagement.

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