If Insurance Helpfulness Test

If Insurance tested Danes’ helpfulness, attracting almost 15,000 participants.

Most people would agree that insurance is not the world’s sexiest product. How, then, can an insurance company engage their customers with their brand and keep them from dying of boredom?

If Insurance, in collaboration with ad-agency Advance, managed to create a campaign that didn’t directly advertise their products, but instead emphasized their brand values and the potential benefits for customers. This approach inspired over 14,000 visitors to participate in their helpfulness test.

The campaign was part of a wider marketing campaign to associate the If brand with helpfulness. They used this positive connotation to stay top-of-mind with their customers.

Campaign details

The campaign consisted of a personality test, which was used to evaluate the helpfulness of each participant. It was part of a larger campaign that was promoted on their website and social media channels as well as in television advertisements.

After receiving their helpfulness score, customers could share the result with their friends on Facebook or click through to If’s website to read more about how they and If could help each other.

The campaign didn’t require any registration. It managed to attract 14,825 visitors who spent an average of 1.23 minutes interacting with the brand.

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