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gamification LEGOLAND Advent Calendar

In December 2018, LEGOLAND Billund ran a daily Advent Calendar.
They had three motivators for this: 

  • GDPR had negatively impacted their subscriber database and they wanted to
    create a fun way to regain the permissions and subscriber information.

  • The resort is closed from November to March and they wanted to
    create awareness and remain top-of-mind during low season.

  • They wanted to create an experience for loyal and happy customers.

Why LeadFamly works for LEGOLAND

Given that LEGOLAND is an established brand and like many large companies, they have strict brand guidelines to follow. The LeadFamly platform allows LEGOLAND to customize the campaigns so that they align with the guidelines. 

The platform also helps LEGOLAND generate leads and permissions while letting them test other contexts.

“We have been using the LeadFamly platform for generating permission. But we’ve also been able to use the platform in other contexts like beta testing a Halloween campaign, so we’ve seen benefits from using the platform in different contexts. For example, we are testing how to improve the guest experience and create a closer link between the physical park and our digital content [like gamification]. For Halloween, we created a campaign using LeadFamly games that park visitors could play while standing in queues for different rides. It worked, so our next step is expanding the games and game sites to each theme of the park.” – Alex Lange  

Another reason the platform fits their needs is because LeadFamly can support always-on campaigns.  

“What has surprised me is that there are so many possibilities. We started with the Christmas Calendar last year as our first project, and our game plan has developed. We’ve been able to use the LeadFamly platform on an ongoing basis, and we use the tests and insights to decide whether that experience works for our audience. The fact that it’s possible to use the platform throughout the year has been an eye opener.” - Jakob Belmann, Marketing Coordinator, LEGOLAND Billund Resort

gamification newsletter sign ups video views organic Facebook reach

The results

LEGOLAND’s 2018 Advent Calendar was successful. Over the course of December, LEGOLAND Billund saw benefits with their database as well as a positive impact in the amusement park.  

For their database and online engagement, they saw:

  • 30,000 newsletter sign ups

  • 66% more website users*

  • 680,000+ video views

  • 2+ million organic Facebook reach

  • 33% more park-related purchases*

They accomplished this with just €1,400 in ad spend and through organic social (they have 250,000 Facebook followers so their reach is quite broad). 

* = compared to same time period in 2017

Game on!

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