MENY Christmas-related dilemmas

MENY solves their customers’ Christmas-related dilemmas with a landing page created on the LeadFamly platform

When you hear the words ‘Christmas campaign’, chances are you automatically think ‘advent calendar’. But supermarket chain MENY decided to go in a different direction, building a landing page that focused on solving the difficult dilemmas Danish families face during the holiday season. 

MENY partnered with the advertising and PR firm CP+B Copenhagen to come up with the creative campaign. The target audience in Denmark was familiar with the concept thanks to a popular radio programme in which listeners call in with problems or questions for a rotating panel of local celebrities.

Campaign details

28,000 campaign visitors wrote in with their Christmas dilemmas. MENY put together a panel of Danish celebrities who did their best to solve these problems and help lift the participants’ holiday spirits.

The MENY landing page is an example of a different way to approach a campaign. The purpose was neither to generate leads nor to segment customers; instead MENY wanted to make a positive difference in their customers’ lives.

What the campaign did was create positive associations and link MENY’s brand with Christmas memories. MENY is the supermarket that wants to help everyone have a Merry Christmas.

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