Nordisk Film Cinemas

Nordisk Film strengthened customer relations with a film-themed online advent calendar.


Nordisk Film Cinemas decided to build an online advent calendar campaign in order to bring attention to the movies that would be premiering throughout the month of December.

In addition to linking the Nordisk Film Cinema brand with the blockbusters that people were looking forward to seeing, the campaign showed that the brand wanted to interact with their customers. This relationship building was an important part of maintaining and growing their membership list.

Campaign details

The campaign was created with the advent calendar module in the LeadFamly platform. The background was programmed to change theme based on upcoming movie premieres. The daily questions behind the 24 calendar windows also reflected the most recent movies, ensuring that the campaign was relevant and interesting for participants.

The registration page was designed so that existing Nordisk Film members didn’t have to type in all their information in order to participate. Instead, they only had to enter their email, and the rest of their information would be populated automatically. This reduced friction in the customer experience, which supported strong engagement with the campaign.

Campaign results

The campaign had more than 187,000 registrations and succeeded at creating a buzz around upcoming film premieres. This inspired participants to flock to their local cinemas throughout the cold and dark month of December.

  • 75% of the campaign visitors choose to register

  • 70% participated in the game more than once

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