Normal's Personality Test

Normal tries something unusual with a campaign that doesn’t prioritise lead-generation.


Retail chain Normal took a closer look at human nature and its own brand name with a personality test that went live in October. The project, developed in partnership with LeadFamly and the advertising firm Envision, was a success with the chain’s target-group, engaging existing fans and reaching new prospects organically via social media.

The campaign itself was built around a questionnaire about typical and taboo behaviors in Danish culture. Here, LeadFamly’s “Personality Test” module was employed with questions about nose-picking, peeing in the shower, or finding other people’s kids annoying. After completing the game, participants were given a score showing how they rank on the “Normal-o-Meter” based on their answers. Participants were then encouraged to share their results on social media.

The primary purpose of the campaign was not to generate leads, but to introduce the brand in a way that the target audience could understand, interact with, and (most importantly) remember.

Campaign by the Numbers

The target audience showed strong interest, with 47,080 participants during the campaign period. The game’s logic was structured so that the registration dialog wasn’t presented until the final screen. Participants could both play and share to Facebook without having to provide an email address or any other information. This had an impact on the conversion rate, which was 31.1%, but even though the primary focus of the campaign was not to collect leads, Normal still received over 14,000 registrations.

The strongest feature of the campaign was the incredibly high engagement it generated. Participants used, on average, 3:49 to complete the quiz and share, which is significantly longer than the amount of time typically spent on similar engagement initiatives. The amount of time the target group was entertained by and engaged with the content helped boost the positive reputation of the Normal brand. Fully 3,985 participants chose to share their results on Facebook, and this organic growth resulted in an additional 18,004 people taking part in the campaign.

Results of the Campaign

Plenty of participation and a strong degree of engagement.

  • 31% Percentage of participants engaged with the campaign

  • 27% Percentage of shares to Facebook

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