Organic Day with Arla

With a fun Organic Day campaign, Arla welcomed families to spend a day out on the farm.


It’s a tradition in Denmark: every spring, when organic dairy cows leave their winter stalls for greener pastures, everyone is invited out to the farm to celebrate. It’s called Organic Day (Økodag in Danish), and this year Arla promoted the event by building an attractive landing page that contained information, contests, and activation games.

Arla wanted to build awareness around Organic Day and collect registrations for their event on the island of Barsø. Asbjørn Jul Rand is a digital consultant with Arla, responsible for all of Arla’s digital platforms. He explains how Arla wanted to focus more on customer activation in connection with the campaign but didn’t have the ability to add dynamic elements on their own site. That’s why they decided to build a landing page on the Lead:famly platform.

Campaign details

The campaign landing page was constructed with different content blocks related to Arla’s Organic Day, including games, videos, and slideshows. All of the elements related in some way to the different events taking place across the country. Arla included three different games, which allowed them to activate their visitors in different ways and to make the site more dynamic.

At the top of the page, there was a contest with a single question: “Which date is Organic Day this year?” Arla made it relatively easy for participants with a countdown module that showed the number of days and hours left until the event. When a participant entered the correct answer, they were entered into a drawing for one of 120 available tickets to a VIP experience at the Organic Day event on Barsø, hosted by stand up comedian Christian Fuhlendorff.

Further down the page, there were two other games: guess the image and a puzzle. These games weren’t connected with any prizes because they added value in different ways. The puzzle, for example, was a fun way for Arla to activate younger participants, allowing them to interact with the brand before the event.

Quick and easy set-up

Because of his position, Asbjørn Jul Rand has some experience with IT, but he is not a programmer or a graphic designer. According to him, the platform doesn’t require extensive coding knowledge – he used a bit of HTML, but otherwise simply inserted pre-designed images and adjusted the margins to make things look sharp.

The platform is easy to work with and allows for flexible design. When Arla realized that they had forgotten to include some information relevant to contest winners, they were able to quickly put together an extra little campaign that they could send out to winners via email.

Arla is already working on the design for their next campaign on the LeadFamly platform, and they estimate that going forward they will produce 10 campaigns a year.

Campaign results

The majority of Arla’s communications about Organic Day were sent out via Facebook and in print media. The purpose of the Organic Day landing page was to get all of the customers who were actually interested in attending an event in one place, so they could learn more and get excited.

The campaign is a great example of how a company can use games to activate its users at different points along the customer journey.

The landing page was live from March 6, 2018 up to and including Organic Day, April 15, 2018.

  • Visitors: 53,776 visits to the landing page

  • Registrations: 400% more than expected

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