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Family Brewers

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Royal Swinkels Family Brewers was looking for a way to get to know their consumers better. So, to become more relevant to their target audience, they decided to do more 1-to-1 marketing. Royal Swinkels Family Brewers has been a family-run business for seven generations, and they offer a wide range of beers, malts, and soda beverages. 

Since alcohol advertising is becoming increasingly strict, it is likewise becoming more important to get to know the consumer. They saw an opportunity to use gamification to help broaden and deepen the consumer database. By running game campaigns, they can learn more about their social media fans and gather first-party data.

About the campaign

The campaign consists of four games: a Drop Game where players catch Bavaria beer, a classic Snake game, a Puzzle made of a photo of the Bavaria brewery, and a Quiz about Bavaria beer. These games live on a landing page, and players can win on-brand prizes like a beer fridge or a 50€ voucher.

Their campaign has already been a success, and it’s still live! So far the Quiz and the Drop Game have been the most popular, and they’ve achieved their campaign goal of gaining marketing permissions and deepening consumer profiles.

Why LeadFamly works for Royal
Swinkels Family Brewers

Gamification is a great tool to raise awareness, amplify engagement, and gather data. For Swinkels’ marketing team, staying relevant to consumers is a top priority, and one way they do this is by using game campaigns to create omnichannel experiences that connect the digital world with their consumers’ physical surroundings. 

"The solutions within the LeadFamly platform have enabled us to quickly integrate gamification into the digital consumer journey. The different game concepts are easy and quick to use, and the activations have enriched and deepened our consumer profiles."
- John Mouthaan, Global Online Manager, Royal Swinkels Family Brewers

The results

Royal Swinkels Family Brewers has seen great results from this campaign. Though the results are still in progress, so far there have been 10,225 visitors to the games landing page, and it  has been especially popular with people between the age of 25 and 34 years old. More than 70% of all registrations are unique, which hits another KPI (key performance indicator) of broadening the customer base. 

With a 50% conversion rate, they’ve found the Quiz to be the highest converter for them so far. In addition to conversion rate, the time spent is also impressive! In total, the visitors have spent a total of 26 hours gaming and counting. 

Even though many businesses have been disrupted over the last few months, Royal Swinkels Family Brewers has adapted quickly and created a way for their audience to play branded games and have fun. If people can’t go to the bar, then Royal Swinkels Family Brewers will give people the chance to stock up at home!

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