Sinful's Fifty Shades of Grey Test

Sinful collected organic shares with a sexy personality test.


Online adult store Sinful asked their customers, “Are you into Vanilla or Kinky sex?” and more than 10,000 unique participants told them their preferences.

They used the LeadFamly platform to build a Fifty Shades of Grey personality test and supported the campaign with a solid SoMe strategy.

The result was a success, both in terms of generating organic shares and collecting qualified permissions for their newsletter database.

The Back Story

Sinful is an online retailer that specializes in selling high-quality, tasteful sex toys. Due to the type of products they sell, they aren’t able to advertise on social media like other retailers.

With their Fifty Shades of Grey test, they successfully activated their customers on Facebook and enjoyed broad organic reach. They cracked the Facebook algorigthm code that other marketing departments are struggling to decipher. 

But Sinful didn’t create the test simply in order to tap into the buzz surrounding the Fifty Shades franchise – they also took advantage of the online test’s potential, using it to qualify their new and existing permissions.

The game

The test consists of six questions, such as “What kind of spanking turns you on?”. Each question has five possible answers, and each answer is connected with one of the five personas that Sinful created for the test. One persona is the experimental type, or what they call “Vanilla with a cherry”.

After having answered the sex – erm, that is to say, six – questions, the participants were directed to a registration page, where they were required to enter their name and email address. After registering, they were presented with their kinky persona and at same time entered into a drawing for the main prize.

After getting their results, participants could share their results with friends on Facebook and invite others to take the test. They could also comment on the competition on Sinful’s Facebook page to earn extra entries into the prize drawing. 

The campaign in details

“Take the test and find out which shade of sexy you are.” With that introduction, Sinful encouraged readers of their newsletter and visitors to their website and Facebook page to participate in their campaign.

The campaign was built as a personality test using the quiz module on the LeadFamly platform. Its purpose was to measure participants’ sexual preferences and rank them on a scale from Vanilla to Christian Grey.

  • 4,800 likes and 5,500 comments on their Facebook post!

  • 50% conversion

  • 10,800 unique leads

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