SPAR Spring campaign

SPAR managed to take over 80,000 customers on a treasure hunt.

Danish grocery chain SPAR, which is part of the Dagrofa Group, created a treasure hunt in which customers could win prizes from their local store.

Not only did the campaign drive an immense amount of traffic to SPAR’s website, it also enticed an impressive number of customers down to brick-and-mortar locations. 8,676 customers won vouchers for their local shop, about 30% of which had already been redeemed at the time of writing.

This led to an increase in sales, since these new customers took care of their weekly shopping lists while they were in the store picking up their prizes.

Campaign details

The campaign was built using the calendar module on the LeadFamly platform. Each of the calendar’s daily windows was a treasure chest, some of which hid a picture of a SPAR product. If a user opened a chest with a picture, they won the product.

The campaign was an enormous success with more than 80,000 participants.

Campaign results

More than 80,000 participants

  • Of the 8,676 winners, over 30% have already visited their local store to redeem their vouchers

  • The campaign had over 80,000 visitors and 96,906 registrations – meaning customers were highly engaged and participated more than once

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