SPORT 24 Personality Quiz

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SPORT 24 saw an opportunity to grow their Instagram following in order to target a younger demographic. On Instagram, they could showcase their products visually and remain top-of-mind with their audience. Recent research shows that social networks are the biggest source of inspiration for consumer purchases. PwC found that 37% of consumers reported finding purchase inspiration from a social network. 

SPORT 24 has run numerous campaigns using the LeadFamly platform, and they recently started branching out with how they use the platform to engage their audience. An added benefit of this campaign is engaging a younger demographic while showcasing products visually. 

SPORT 24 is a sports chain headquartered in Silkeborg, Denmark with over 300 employees and over 30 outlets in Jutland, Denmark. 

Campaign details

SPORT 24 decided to create a personality quiz, which is a content engager, “Which sneakers suit your personality best?” The quiz asked users questions about clothing style, food preferences, music festivals, and sneaker must-haves to figure out the sneakers that suit the user best. In exchange for taking the quiz and registering their name and email address, they were entered into a drawing for a 1,500kr gift card to SPORT 24. If they followed SPORT 24 on Instagram and commented on a photo, they were given an additional drawing. 


Results from the campaign

SPORT 24’s campaign ROI was for Instagram followers, which they exceeded by 33%. The campaign was a success! It ran for approximately a month, and in that time, this campaign saw 23,063 visitors, a 33% conversion rate, and average user engagement rate of 72 seconds. SPORT 24 also saw an impressive return on ad spend (ROAS) of 7.87kr to 1kr. While the campaign goal weren’t financial, SPORT 24 also saw 30,000kr of product that was purchased because of this personality quiz. 

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