SPORT 24 Christmas Campaign

For SPORT 24, Christmas was the perfect occasion to get to know their customers.


When SPORT 24 built their Christmas campaign on the LeadFamly platform, they viewed it as a great opportunity to get to know their customers.

SPORT 24’s online Advent Calendar was designed as a scratch card with 24 fields. In order to give their customers a tailor-made experience, the sports retailer chose to place a registration field at the beginning of the game. In addition to collecting participants’ contact information, they also asked them to enter their gender and clothing/shoe size.

After registering, the participant was allowed to scratch the day’s field, potentially winning sportswear or shoes in their exact size. 33,000 unique users took that chance more than 400,000 times!

Campaign details

One of the reasons the SPORT 24 Advent Calendar was so effective was due to their ability to integrate the campaign with other marketing channels.

“For us, it was important that the Advent Calendar could be an integrated part of our customer communications as a whole. To achieve that, we prioritized creating a continuous visual identity across the game, our website, and our social media channels.”

-René Iversen, Customer Club Manager at SPORT 24

Among other great initiatives, SPORT 24 was able to attract a lot of participants via their social media channels by creating a beautiful video clip of an Advent Calendar window opening. The clip piqued the viewer’s curiosity and made them want to try the game.

Results from the campaign

The campaign ran from December 1 to December 24, and during that time it managed to engage 33,000 unique visitors who participated a total of 422,000 times. One-third of all leads generated were new customers!

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