The Danish Cancer Society quiz

The Danish Cancer Society busts cancer-myths with their challenging online quiz.

In September, The Danish Cancer Society launched their first LeadFamly campaign. The goal was to make Danes more aware of the organisation’s mission and vision and to bust some myths about cancer. They developed an efficient quiz campaign as their launch-pad.

The Danish Cancer Society wanted to dispel some longstanding myths about cancer, which have permeated through the Danish population. They decided to challenge those myths by making a quiz through the LeadFamly platform, where their visitors could test the validity of their beliefs about cancer.


The campaign in details

Do you believe stress causes cancer? This was one of the questions in the online quiz created by The Danish Cancer Society. After a participant answered a question, whether correctly or not, they were provided with more in-depth information about the subject in question.

The answer either confirmed or denied the myth. After the four questions in the quiz, the participant could choose to register and participate in a draw for prizes. The campaign was built by The Danish Cancer Society’s own marketing department using the tools available on the Lead:famly platform.

In this way, The Danish Cancer Society succeeded in combining a fun gamification experience with education on a serious topic.

Results from the campaign

Great engagement levels and a high number of participants

  • About 52% of all campaign visits were converted to a lead

  • The campaign was eagerly shared on Facebook by 14% of participants

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