W7 Cosmetics' Spin To Win

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W7 Cosmetics was searching for a way to attract their target customers and encourage them to buy products directly from W7’s website. W7 Cosmetics, a UK-founded company, offers a range of high-quality makeup at an affordable price.

They saw an opportunity to introduce gamification as a way to cut through the marketing noise and catch the eyes of their customers. Given that gamification was still a relatively  new concept in the UK, W7 saw an opportunity to be an early adapter. 

About the campaign

W7 Cosmetics built a Wheel Of Fortune with relevant prizes like entry into a drawing for a £100 gift card, a discount code, or two different eyeshadow palettes. The prizes were instant win so players got the satisfaction of knowing if they won or not immediately. 

W7’s Spin To Win was a success! They achieved their campaign KPI of gaining permissions, attracting customers, and spent an average of over one minute with each visitor.  

In fact, it was such a success that they plan to relaunch the campaign in the spring of 2020.

Why LeadFamly works for W7

For a company like W7 Cosmetics, gamification enables them to draw attention and trigger conversions more than they could with the traditional marketing stack. 


“A successful marketing campaign is part of a mix: social media posts, peer recommendations, great visuals, and of course, a great product. Gamification amplifies this and helps us to convert our audience more than we ever could with a marketing stack without a gamification tool. It can also draw lapsed customers back to the brand, which is something we are always trying to do. ”
— Perry Minster, Marketing Manager, Warpaint Cosmetics

The results

W7 saw great results from this campaign. While the campaign lasted for only a month, the average plays per visitor was 2x with almost 23,000 unique registrations.

Each game play lasted for an average of 01:15 minutes. Given that one of the prizes was a voucher (and W7 set the parameters so that there was a high win rate), they saw a redemption rate of 2.3% for the vouchers. 



1. Don’t be afraid to reuse what works. W7’s Spin The Bottle campaign was so successful that they are relaunching the campaign to encourage their audience to stay home during Covid-19. When you find a game flow or concept that works really well with your audience, think of ways to reuse that. 

2. Make use of the ‘brain hack’ that is gamification.The difference between gamification and running social media competitions is that gamification enables you to  attract your target audience more. The part of your audience that enters the game campaign is very likely to be more targeted than the more random selection of people who enter a competition from social media. It can also draw lapsed customers back to the brand.  

3. Find ways to amplify your campaigns. Consider entering partnerships with key retailers. This can expand the impact of gamification for your brand.

Game on!

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