Willem II's Jersey Stunt

dutch football gamification story

The Dutch football club Willem II wanted to create some buzz around the summer 2020 release of their new home team jerseys. They wanted to find a unique and creative way to launch and sell the shirts. Willem II knew they needed to activate their audience and hopefully generate some media attention too. 

They concocted a crazy plan that involved using the LeadFamly platform, and it ended up catching the eye of the Dutch national media! 

About the campaign

The football club tweeted that their team captain, Jordens Peters, “left the club”. All the fans were in shock because they thought maybe his contract was picked up by another club. By playing four games built on LeadFamly, the fans could find the coordinates to the secret location where Peters was hiding. A real life scavenger hunt began.

Within the first two to three hours, 27,583 fans visited the Willem II’s site to participate, and one lucky fan eventually found him in the office of the main sponsor. There he waited with a key to open the fan shop to reveal the 2020-2021 team jersey. 

willem ii gamification campaign

The results

The game campaign became a viral sensation and appeared on local and national news. Because of the extra attention earned by the media stunt, the new team jerseys sold like crazy. In just a few hours the football club was able to get 6,592 registrations with 602 opting in for the newsletter. 

By involving their fans with gamification, Willem II was able to activate their base in a personal way. They interacted with the four games for an average of 03:19 minutes.  Willem II even offered fans an extra incentive for completing all four of them: they received free name printing on the jerseys. 

Why LeadFamly works for Willem II

The campaign was definitely a success! The team’s already loyal base now has more reason to love their home team. Fans can feel included and delighted by this activation.

“For this jersey release campaign, the LeadFamly platform helped us reach our fans in a way we wouldn't be able to normally. Our audience became active participants in the game, which created deep engagement in a genuine way. In addition to being a great activation, the set of games also helped us sell new jerseys from the shop.”
— Tom van den Boom - Marketing Director bij Techonomy & SportsCloud

There are many ways to employ the power of gamification and it’s fun to see how marketers can utilize the platform. This Willem II example is one of a kind; it’s a very creative and bold way to reach an audience. It’s exciting to see the platform used in a new way! The possibilities are endless when you pair creativity with a tool like LeadFamly. 

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