Zizzi’s Swim Scratchcard

Zizzi launched the Swim Scratchcard to boost loyalty and used a clever CTA to boost sales.

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Zizzi launched a swimwear collection this summer so they ran a gamification campaign to boost loyalty and attract new Club Zizzi members. They chose a high converter game, the Scratchcard, and Zizzi mostly relied on their organic reach. The Swim Scratchcard ran for a month in all of their markets: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Netherlands, Finland, Austria and France. At the end of the game, Zizzi’s CTA (call-to-action) button was linked to the Swim collection; in one month, this campaign resulted in €415,000 in revenue for Zizzi.

The campaign was only boosted on Facebook in their two latest markets, Austria and France. They showed the campaign on their website, Facebook, Instagram story, and in their newsletters. With a sizeable social media presence — almost 124,000 Facebook followers and 31,700 Instagram followers — and 120 stores across Europe, Zizzi has a strong and receptive base to gamification campaigns. 

Why LeadFamly works for Zizzi

Zizzi interacts and engages with customers with gamification. This allows Zizzi to engage with customers first, and build loyalty by not having a transaction be the primary focus. LeadFamly’s gamification platform enables Zizzi to reach customers in a valuable way. Zizzi wanted the Swim Scratchcard to entertain existing customers and generate leads for their Club Zizzi members

“We can build campaigns ourselves, and the LeadFamly platform is so easy to use. We are so happy with the success of our campaigns. Because of how well they’ve performed, we will now make a lot more game campaigns for this year’s marketing strategy that we originally planned.The LeadFamly platform is for companies that want to gather new leads, delight current customers, and entice customers to spend valuable time interacting with your brand.” - Katja Franch Vinding, Digital Marketing Coordinator

- Katja Franch Vinding, Digital Marketing Coordinator

The results

The competition resulted in 77,000 registrations, over 7,700 new Club Zizzi members, and had an average conversion rate of 79.44%. 53,908 clicks are attributed to the website from the CTA button. 

Going forward, Zizzi plans to use this CTA button in their campaigns. “We are happy to see that it can generate this kind of revenue. And we are surprised to see that even after using time in our games our customers are still willing to go to our website and spend even more time and money,” explained Katja Franch Vinding. 

Gamification enables companies to activate and engage their audience in a meaningful way.

Game on! 

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