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gamification black friday deutschland

Black Friday & Gamification: Neue Chancen Für 2020 E-Commerce Entwicklung in Deutschland: 5 konkrete Empfehlungen zur Umsatzsteigerung.

gamification webinar Black Friday Danish

Dette skal du vide: Black Friday 2020 Idéer og inspiration til den største online-shopping dag – Black Friday. Til dette webinar har vi inviteret Intersport, der fortæller hvordan de tilgår Black Friday.

gamify seasonal campaigns webinar

Kicking Off Seasonal Campaigns Learn top trends for holiday shopping in 2020 and how to gamify the customer journey. Hear from Costcutter about how they use gamification for seasonal campaigns.

Customer engagement

How To Create More Value With Less Effort Customer webinar.

Data enrichment

Get More Out Of Your Marketing Budget With Gamification We’re joined by Neste to show you how to use gamification to boost marketing ROI and capture key data.


Start Planning Your 2020 Advent Calendar Today! Get our top 7 tips learned from hundreds of Advent Calendars and hear how Alka approaches their holiday Calendars.

Data enrichment

The Pop-Up Explained: When, Why, and How See a demonstration of how to best use a pop-up, see examples of successful pop-ups, and get advice from our gamification experts.

commerce gamification
Customer engagement

Maintaining Commercial Efficiency In Times Like These In this on-demand webinar, see how businesses are responding to the uncertainty of these days & how they use gamification to engage their audience.

Customer engagement

Activating Your Audience With Gamification Learn how gamification can level up your activation campaigns & hear how beauty brand RITUALS gamifies their marketing.

March webinar - Tryg
Lead generation

Gamifying Marketing In Traditional Industries

Learn how traditional brands can use gamification to drive their marketing initiatives.

gamification Asda FMCG
Data enrichment

Engage & Activate FMCG Consumers With Gamification Here’s how to boost engagement time, generate quality leads, and get access to data to use in decision-making.

gamification awareness campaigns
Customer engagement

Level Up Your Awareness Campaigns With Gamification Learn how gamification raises awareness for business and brands, and how gamification can bring it to the next level.

marketing gamification customer lifecycle
Customer loyalty

Fuel Your Lifecycle Marketing In 2020 With Gamification Here’s how game mechanics can support and lift your marketing activities (even those already planned) regardless of where these sit in the customer lifecycle.

advent calendar webinar gamification
Customer engagement

It’s Not Too Late: Last-Minute Inspiration For Your Christmas Campaign In this webinar, we cover how to build your gamified holiday campaign and share inspiration from other Calendars.

gamification traditional brands
Customer engagement

New Marketing Tactics For ‘Old’ Industries: Unlikely Brands To Use Gamification Take a look at how marketing has evolved in the luxury goods, banking, insurance, travel, and B2B industries.

black friday gamification webinar
Lead generation

Fuel Your Black Friday Sales: Gamification & Omnichannel Marketing In this webinar, we discuss using gamification and omnichannel to attract customers and win revenue.

TBN Aug 14th webinar
Lead generation

Gamify Your Christmas Campaigns To Win BIG!Black Friday and Christmas are always the make-or-break moments for Retail and E-commerce. This year – get ahead of the curve!

Customer loyalty

Using game concepts to boost brand loyaltyLearn about brand loyalty and how to drive repeat business with marketing gamification. Hear about success stories from McDonald’s and Vero Moda.

Proven_Methods gamificaiton
Customer engagement

Proven methods to create brand engagement with social media Learn how you can turn idle followers into micro influencers and get handy tips on how to build effective social campaigns.

Building_Effective gamification campaigns
Email marketing

Building effective gamification campaignsLearn more how to use marketing gamification to engage your audiences, capture marketing permissions and generate new business.

Generate Quality Leads with gamification
Lead generation

Generate quality leads with marketing gamification In this webinar we talk about how marketing gamification techniques help you attract new prospects and convert them into quality leads.

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