You probably recognize it. You have searched for a book on Amazon and the next day you log into your Facebook account and the same book is now positioned in the banner commercials in the right side of your screen. This is an example of retargeting and is possible for companies to make use of by using cookies.

When you create a campaign from Leadfamly:it it a possibility to put a script on the campaign so it follows the users when they continue browsing through the web. By using retargeting in our platform your customers will be, continuously, presented to your brand even after having completed the game. By participating, the customers have shown interest for your company and product and, then, remarketing is efficient as they will be reminded of you, when further clicking through their browser.

With retargeting you can get the visitors that leave your web page to come back with a greater probability of purchasing your product or using your service.

There are many companies that make use of retargeting and some of these have registret up to four times as many conversions by using retargeting. This, might be due to some of the advantages of retargeting as for example continuous exposure to your product or service. According to an older marketing strategy, a customer needs to be exposed to your brand at a minimum of seven times before it is stuck in the brain. Retargeting can help you with this exposure. In addition, the banner will only be shown to people that have previously shown interest in your website, which makes the chance for a conversion greater.