Furthermore, we have a feature that makes it easy to share your campaign on Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook. Hereby, you can entertain, engage, and retain your customers on your social media sites. Additionally, you can get more likes, and manage how your campaign is presented when shared.

Many companies are today using social media in their marketing. The advantages of using social media marketing are many. Initially, there is a huge potential audience and the possibility for you to hit your desired target group, or target groups, with the exact messages that you believe the target group would find interesting. Another advantage of using social media marketing is that your audience or customers have the possibility to easily spread your message to their network. This, can create a large value for your company as, no matter if you are positioned in the physical or the digital world, word of mouth marketing is the best selling marketing method.

Finally, your company can generate more leads through social media marketing than through traditional marketing initiatives. This is due to the fact that you, with social media, can target your marketing, as well as gain a unique insight into, and knowledge about, the market you are positioned on.